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since getting the ipad how much stuff have you gotten rid of


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Mar 28, 2010
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here is the question for everyone here on the board this morning ..

so tell me how many other items have you gotten rid of now that you have the ipad in your life ..
2 Sony readers and a Nintendo DS Lite. Would get rid of my netbook, but I have to have something to sync my iPad too.... :)
Only the item the iPad was bought to replace - my Sony VAIO TZ150N. In many ways, it superior to the iPad - it's a full PC with 320GB hard drive and 2GB RAM with built-in DVD-RW drive, yet it weighs 2lb, VGA and HDMI ports, USB ports, modem, ethernet, wifi, GPS, all for a mere 8 ounces more than the iPad. Even has built-in cellular broadband capability like the iPad. Mac fans note: the TZ150 designer was recruited from Sony to design the Macbook Air. It is, quite simply, a fantastic piece of tech.

However, as I have a more powerful full-size laptop for home, it's overkill on the road; despite all the capabilities it has, I pretty much do the same tasks I'm doing on the iPad. And with the iPad, my broadband data connection is cheaper and doesn't require a contract, and battery life is about double what I get on the SONY, even with the double-cap battery.

Take the $320/year I'm saving with AT&T plan v. Sprint PCS' unlimited plan, throw in the $500 my TZ150 should bring on Craigslist, and the iPad is free!
I have not gotten rid of anything, but I was planning to get a smart phone, but now I think I will wait until the smart phone service Plans come down in price. I can't see spending $100/mo. The iPad 3G plan of $30 is much better.
My laptop PC. Sold it while waiting for my 3G to arrive. So far the iPad does everything I need it to do.
I was planning to get rid of my 16GB 1st Gen iPod touch since it is getting so outdated, but it still does an awesome job of sitting in my Bose Soundock speakers that I think I've decided to keep it. I even had an offer of $150.00 for it, I won't see offers like that after the next gen comes out.
My Kindle 2 and my MacBook, leaving me with the iPad, iPhone and iMac.

Even though Mr. Jobs does not mean the iPad to be a laptop replacement, it will be for many people. The vast majority of everyday folks use a laptop (heck, even desktop) for email and internet access, and a few media things...... the ipad excels at all of those......
My iPad is winging it's way from China to my hot little hands, expecting it here in Ontario on Friday.
Got rid of my old Mac tower, Apple monitor, keyboard, mouse etc.
Keeping my MacBook Pro, my AppleTV, Airport Extreme, Airport Express (used to port music to a DAC).
I sold on eBay a Navagon Gps, a high end Denon Receiver and a big wall Fish sculputure Received enough to pay for the ipad some apps and take my lovely lady on a 3 day weekend to Gold coast
the reason i ask this question for i guess i have sparked a very stange thing with my circle of friends ..for now it seams that they are showing up with ipads also and just raveing about getting rid of all the extras that seam to need in there lifes ..

for me i got rid of the laptop and the mp3 player and the extra wieght of carrying around things need for the laptop ..

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