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  • Hey there. I realize I haven't heard from you in a long time. Anything new?
    It was the photo of the cabin in the woods that looks like an enchanted painting to me, it got put in the wrong place, my fault because I didn't quote you! Sorry. But now you know so I can do my happy dance, while laying flat on my back !,, sounds hard but is lots of fun! Learned it when I was in hospital for 30 days without my feet touching the floor!
    I wanted to be an artist at some point in my life… glad someone in this forum is.

    I was in the navy at the time and sailed the inside passage in various ships. Some of them were HMCS Yukon, HMCS Porte de la Reine, and HMCS Kootenay.
    I love your beautiful photographs in your photo thread. Thank you so much for sharing them with all of us! :)

    Thank you, Iriana for the very nice Visitor Message! Greetings from Michigan--Have never been to your State of Alaska, but am looking forward to see your posts and sharing pics in the "What you see in your Backyard" thread!

    So glad that you joined us! :)
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