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Getting rid of iPad Genius


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Jun 9, 2010
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So Apple snuck in the Apple Genius icon into my App Store on my iPad overnight (they snuck it in as a push via the App Store...sneaky). Check it out, if you're in the US, you should have it too...right beside your Updates icon in the iPads' App Store.

Anyway, I don't use Genius, so I'd rather not see the icon. I've looked through Settings and there's no way to get rid of it. Has anybody else figured out how to get rid of it?
You could use some of this in the corner of your screen --


It did a great job of getting rid of the flashing 12:00 on my VCR and the Check Engine light on my car!
Ha ha (in a sarcastic slow beat). But if I used that black tape, one of my dashboard dock icons will also be covered. How do I apply it without bubblese? Will it leave a sticky residue if I remove it? Does it come in any other colors? Will it affect my wifi signal? </sarcasm>

I just checked the App Store screen again, and the icons magically got semi-alphabetized, so now it's the second icon instead of being the last. I never look at Featured, and now Genius is beside it. It's just as well, now I only have to look at the right hand side icons for what I need.
Tried the genius, but not impressed as it recommended an app I already have....
I just ignore it - it is about as useful on the iPad as it is the iPhone.

"Oh, you like that app? I'll recommend 20 other apps that do EXACTLY THE SAME THING, just not as well as the one you've already got! Ta-daaah! Aren't I clever?!"

No. Really. You're not. Genius? Oxymoron. Pandora (before they nerfed it for non-US users), Last.fm and Amazon recommendeds you most certainly aren't.
The other thing I learned from the CNET article posted elsewhere in this forum is that the "genius" will also inform you of upgrades from free or "lite" versions of apps you have to paid versions. The bean counters at One Infinite Loop must have put that feature in there!
If you dont use it just ignore it...its not taking up space...there was room for one more icon...lol.

I barely even notice its there.
All this shows it that you spend too much time surfing the AppStore.............

That said there are certain other icons I could cheerfully gouge from my screen. YouTube for a start and that dreadful iPod one.

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