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  • I didnt use window based software as all is in mac, working in china is really not simple but i am used to so for me it's can be accepable especially based on the huge amount of $$ i win from here
    henry2, I know what you mean about the first names, at family gatherings there are no less than 6 Bill's in the crowd. It finally comes down to Bill, Will, Guy, William, Will's and Bull. I am Bull.
    Its probably easier to just take tbe bart there and home then, you can just kick back and relax instead of having to focus on driving!
    I had a little 2 bedroom house with my exwife just outside San Antonio on Bandera Rd. I also spent about a year in Killeen, a lil north of Austin. Im a tattoo artist by trade for the last 22 years and militarybases is good business.
    Hats off to you and all veterans who gave so much! Thank you!
    Yes, i take bart every day from the city out to Hayward where i work. An yes, its a very comfy speedy ride! I used to have a car when i lived in Los angeles and in texas, but in cities like SF and New York you really dont need a car!

    During rushhour the trains go every ten minutes, but after 8pm some lines stop going, like Fremont to Dala City so you have to transfer between Bay Fair and Lake Merrit! But thats the only "hassle" i ever had with it. Plus they have very comfortable upholstered seats! I would take the bart, but it totally depends on the nature of your visit to the hospital.
    iam between Show Low and Taylor up on route 11 area. where not that far from each other ..

    i owned the land since 1982 era for it was a wedding gift to me and my wife on our wedding day aunt wanted us to have a place to put down roots of our own ..for i was i the military and we where like a wandering band of people and she wanted to make sure my wife had a place to call home ..

    my aunt was from around Snowflake area ..grew up there and meet my uncle when he was stationed in the area ..

    i love the area ..i but ,my small retirement cabin there..
    Where is your "place down the road" from Show Low? We own some land in the Carrizo Ranch area outside St Johns which is where we are looking to build and retire to.
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