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  • My iPad2 is difficult to operate while charging ever since the new update
    Thanks for your message sorry I have been on holidays . I suggest doing as oft reset hold the home button plus on/off button until Apple logo appears then let go. In most cases there are no issue in using the iPad while changing. Hope that helps. Colin
    Re: iPad 2 Forum. What if I want help and don't know if it is related to iPad 2 or just iPad in general? Where should I post? Thanks Col. :)
    You are a certified Apple support person and you are not looking at the pass code problems happening after upgrading the IOS? Come and visit us Col.bris! We need you in the IOS (7)? Thread!
    Is there a section for iPad jailbreaking? If not, I'd like to suggest that you set up a Group for Jailbreaking with Sections within it for How-to Jailbreak, Jailbreak Problems, Jailbreak Apps, Jailbreak App Problems, . . .

    Thanks for the time you put in on the forum.
    Thanks! Hookbill sent me a video about Barnacle si I downloaded it, but it doesn't work either. I'm sure it's some setting I have wrong on my iPad.
    Hi..I've seen many of your posts, so I know that you are VERY knowledgeable. I need help and tho I've posted to several threads, I'm getting no answers. Would it be feasable for you to help?
    H! any thoughts why is it when i want to update my 4.2beta3 itunes says i got the latest ones? thanks
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