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  • the hours i work suck for most time it late night or evening shift work when no one around ..along with weekends it not really a good time for most of the guys in my job ..we tend to lose people a lot in my line of work for they what normal hours and beening able to come home to the family at a normal time.. with us it a lot of over the weekend or late night work shift when no one in the company or they have a basic crew at work ..
    so i really do not watch regular tv a lot so it movies and tv shows on dvd to watch when i have down time or iam at my girlfriend house when iam off i can watch movies on netflex on cable and see if i like the movies and pick it up at a late time when it goes down for two for 20 sale at blockbuster.

    i have my shows i keep track of like csi new york and maimi and ncis along with a few others i really keep track of when they come out on dvd i watch them my line of work it a lot of odd work time and a lot of odd down time also ..
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