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Hi all Im new member here, I got an iPad 11 Pro and thinking of using it as my everyday kinda laptop. Looking forward to buy a keyboard and the pencil
Hi everyone!

The name's BacioiuC, I'm a game designer and developer who's looking to step away from my iMac Pro when I don't have to do any game dev related work. Recently, i started using my iPad Air 4 + Keyboard Folio and Magic Mouse for any non-work related stuff (gaming, blogging, media). Been looking for a community/forum dedicated to using, playing and creating content on an iPad. Mac Rumors is nice but it's not as niched as I wanted it to be so that's how I stumbled upon ipadforums.
  • Why are you interested in the iPad?
    • I want to turn it into a alternative to my computers with the goal of reaching a point where I can run at least one of my businesses strictly from the iPad. Besides this, I'm also trying to use it as my content consumption device and to try and get me to stay away from my pesky desk.
  • What are your hobbies?
    • I'm a game designer and developer and I make and play games on all platforms. For example, I have a game coming out in 2 months for 68K Macintoshes from 1987 and onwards. I live and breath games so that's one of my hobbies. Vintage macs is up next on the list. Trying to setup an iPad as a workstation is a new one.
  • What other gadgets are you using?
    • My setup right now revolves around a lot of apple products. I have a decked out iMac Pro as my main work station. A M1 Macbook Pro for on-the-go work. An iPhone 12 mini as my daily driver phone and and iPad Air 4 that I use to write articles on how bad the mobile gaming industry is.
    • Also have some really old vintage macs setups for retro game development and gaming. I have a decked out SE/30 with a graphics card, apple portrait monitor, dual cpu upgrade (50Mhz 030 and 40 mhz 040), CD-Rom drive and a loooot more stuff. Actively using this setup to work on a retro game. Also a 040 upgraded + Ethernet Color Classic II. And a bunch more retro apple stuff.
Glad to be here :)
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    • What other gadgets are you using?

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Hello everyone, Bagas Raffi from Indonesia.
owned pro 2020 for daily use but sometimes drawing too and come here to find the answer of my problem *cheers

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