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  • Hi JohnnyApple, I only have one friend, my son, so I have no one to give gifts to. I sent out requests but go no takers.:(
    Hi Johnny, I'm sort of new here, and I just wanted to say hi to an administrator, or have a small conversation. :) I've been on many other vBulliten forums, but this is the one I'll probably be on the most.
    Have a nice day!
    Ahaha, there are still a lot of people who think NM is not a state, and if they know about New Mexico they only know Albuquerque or Santa Fe ;)

    I no longer live there either, but the groups open to anyone with New Mexico pride!
    JohnnyApple..... I have been a member of this website from the very beginning and have enjoyed it tremendously! I forgot who started the site or are the Administrator's and found you. Then I saw under your profile the New Mexico Group....being from NM I got excited, then I realized it is for current residents. Anyway always nice to see / know fellow NM.....every time I tell people I am from NM they look at me and say "Mexico"? Anyway, great job on the forum....enjoying it a lot and sending many people this way!

    Lynni. (Scarlettohara1)
    New user on Forum - Also new to any Apple product other then my Ipod. I have been a PC user since IBM MT Desktop PC hee hee hee. Pretty excided on my order.
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