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Forum rules - Everybody please read!!

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Feb 3, 2010
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San Francisco, CA
Welcome to iPadForums.net

The community on our forum is a great group of people that share the iPad as a common thread, and the use we put it through every day. Some of us have extensive knowledge and experience with computers, Apple, and the operating system in general and we're all here to help to the best of our ability.

Before you start posting, please read these rules! If there's anything that's unclear, or if you're in doubt, please feel free to message a moderator or administrator!

Forum Rules:

This is a privately owned forum. We reserve the right to accept or decline your membership application; you are not guaranteed membership and your membership is subject to revocation.

1. No content that is considered racist, obscene, X-rated, or objectionable will be tolerated. All such posts will be deleted without notice and the member who posted it will be issued infractions or banned at our discretion. This restriction includes avatars and user names.

This is a Family Friendly Forum. Don’t post content that you would not want your children, mothers or significant others to see.

No Discussion of Politics will be allowed on iPadForums.net. If you wish to discuss Politics go to this site (for example):
US Message Board - Political Discussion Forum

No Discussions on Religion will be allowed either. Please take them to an appropriate forum too. Here’s an example:

US Message Board - Religion and Ethics

2. You will not violate a person's privacy by publishing information that is private and personal unless you have evidence of a crime or scam. If you feel the need to do this, send one of our moderators a message before doing so.

3. Personal attacks on others will not be tolerated. We take politeness very seriously. You are welcome to challenge others points of view and opinions, but please do so respectfully and thoughtfully.

4. Create threads in the proper forum. Threads created and posted in the wrong forum are subject to deletion. One thread on the same topic or question, posted in multiple forums, is also subject to deletion.

4.1. Do not post an off-topic comment in an existing thread. This derails the conversation and makes it difficult for others to follow. If you have a comment or question that is different from the topic in the thread, please start a new post.

4.2. Thread hijacking is not allowed... this includes starting general chit-chat or banter in legitimate threads. Keep this in the Off Topic section.

4.2.1. Chit-chat in the Off Topic section still falls under all the Forum Rules. So, keep it clean!

4.3. Do not “bump” a post to attract attention to it. If, after 48 hours, you have not received a response on a question you may bump your post one (1) time. If you still do not receive a response send a private message (PM) to a moderator and ask for assistance. Bumping posts may subject the post to deletion.

5. We have a zero-tolerance approach on SPAM. If you post spam, your account will be permanently banned and your topic will be deleted. If you only post once and that post advertises a product, this is SPAM and will be treated as such.

5.1. This includes sending SPAM via private message. Don’t do it!

5.2. Posting in the incorrect section will result in a warning and subsequent posts may result in a ban at the moderator's discretion. Thank you for understanding and helping us keep the forums spam free and organized!

6. Use the search function(s) prior to posting a comment or question. We have the forum-specific search utility, plus we have a search function tied in with Google. Both search utilities are easily accessible from any part of the forum (they are in the upper right quadrant of any page on the site).

7. Do not promote your websites, domains, company, or services in any of the discussion forums. This includes starting a thread, replying to a post, or putting it in your signature. If a member is seeking assistance or looking for a certain type of product, the best way to offer your services is to send a PM. The only way people are allowed to advertise on this site is if they are paying to do so. The forum owners are the only ones able to make this decision.

7.1. If you wish to become a sponsor of this site (to allow you to have your own sub-forum to show off your products), please send a private message/request to the forum administrators.

8. With the exception of news articles, promoting other iPad related forums or blogs in your posts, signatures, or in any way on the forum is not permitted. Doing so may result in a banning.

8.1. Links to upgrades for BETA software will be deleted. User will receive one warning. A second warning will result in a suspension of your account.

9. Posting for charity, fundraising, or research is not permitted.

10. Users may disagree with the decisions or actions of the moderators or administrators. However, such disagreements, criticism and the like are not to be aired publicly in the forum. Please feel free to PM the person directly rather than air your dirty laundry in public.

10.1. Any abuse towards our staff or management will result in immediate suspension of your account.

11. Do not create a user name that is your business, product or blog site name. Doing so will result in your account will be suspended and you will be asked to create a new name.

11.1. Do not use your e-mail address as your user name or include your e-mail in any thread or post. If your user name is your e-mail address, your account will be suspended and you will be asked to create a new name. If you include your e-mail within a post, it will be deleted by forum staff.

11.2. Do not post your e-mail address in requests for people to contact you via e-mail or iMessage.

11.3. In addition, do not post other personal or business contact information on this forum, to include mailing addresses and phone numbers.

12. Signature guidelines:

12.1. You may have no more than five lines in a signature [maximum].

12.2. You may not include any external links. This includes e-mail addresses, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, blog sites, etc. Please note this is for external links; you may link to posts within iPadForums.

12.3. You may not have a signature that contains advertisements for any product, service, web site, etc.

12.4. Your signature content should follow the rules of this forum (no profanity, rudeness, etc.).

12.5. Your signature should not be overly enhanced with the use of punctuation, color, etc., making the signature too flashy. Signature text that is too long or obtrusive will be changed or removed.

NOTE: If your signature is in violation of any of these rules, Staff may remove it without prior notice.

13. No external links or email addresses will be posted in thread titles.

13.1. Posting links to products or services by forum members is allowed, as long as it is relevant to the conversation, enhances the discussion within the thread and does not promote your personal web site, domain, service, company, business or another iPad forum. Administrators and moderators reserve the right to delete any inappropriate or excessive links.

13.2. If you are the developer, owner or are otherwise affiliated with the product or service, web site, etc., you may not post links per rule #7.

14. DO NOT advertise anything that costs money. Anyone trying to use iPadforums.net to continually advertise their app or any other item for sale will be banned and their posts will be deleted. The only exception is approved items posted in the iPad App Store section.

14.1. We do allow developers to make one post in the iPad Apps sub-forum (or the iPad Games sub-forum) concerning a new release or an update of an Apple Store app. However, this is only for one post and all comments and remarks are to be kept to that thread.

14.1.1. If you do post about an app, you may add to your thread if any details on your product(s) change – but you may not start a new thread for the change.

14.1.2. If you are the developer or seller of an app, you may not make multiple posts or advertise your product in any other thread (to include recommending it in another conversation or thread).

15. Discussion of pirated or cracked applications and any methods associated with enabling their use, such as posting app or repository names, is forbidden on this forum. This also includes discussion of illegally obtaining media such as music, movies, games, books or other copyrighted content.

15.1 Piracy is illegal and the staff of iPadForums.net neither condones nor supports it in any way. Jail breaking and hacking does NOT equal stealing or pirating!

15.2. Discussions, links, and sharing of any piracy related topics, apps, repositories, etc., will be deleted and the member will receive a warning. A second warning may lead to an immediate ban.

16. You may or may not be notified if actions, regarding rules violations, are taken. Moderators and administrators have the final word. If you have a problem, complaint, or questions please direct it to the administrators. Do not post your problem, complaint, or question in the public forums. The administrators will act as quickly as possible, taking the appropriate actions, to resolve the issue in a private and discreet manner.

17. If you have any questions as to whether something is acceptable or if you need clarification on these rules, please send a private message to a moderator. In addition, please note that these rules are subject to change.

18. ROMS for Nintendo, Playstation, and all other emulators are at best a grey area, therefore, all fall under the same category as piracy on these forums. No discussion on sourcing ROMS for emulators will be tolerated, although discussions about the emulators themselves are acceptable.

Finally, these rules are susceptible to change, therefore, check back periodically.

Our biggest rule, which is not subject to change, is .... have fun and enjoy the forums! We are glad you decided to join us and hope you have a good time.
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the wild west !

Good site well run and with a tight ethic well done :).

I just came over to the light from another 'iPad forum site' that seems to have been set up along 'wild west' guidelines, there was multiple and saturation spam, and after only two days on site I had had enough.

This is more like it. again hoorah, and good work.

El Robbo.
I am new to forums, iPad, etc. but I appreciate that you have set forum rules! I also liked the For Absolute beginners. :)
As a former mod in a very large vBulletin site, I really appreciate these rules. It is so much work, being a mod, and having rules such as these makes it much, much easier. In fact, it benefits everyone! :)
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