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  • Can you change my screen name from Heavriside to Heaviside (no r)? I made a typo when I registered. Thanks!
    Please check the Novel network's ad in the book forum. Sounds like the mypadmedia scam again. Please LMK if I am wrong.
    Max, after an long search, your leather metal ipad wallpaper (the one without the stitches) is my first choice for the lock screen on my ipad. Please, please, please make the same one in a 1024 X 1024 version. I would be eternally grateful!
    iam over the age of 50 now and have to have the one test iam not real fond of .. that i hope is done on the first day along with a few other ... i have to stay over night for a couple of the days.. for one of the test is use a mild form of drugs to put me to sleep as they do it ..

    what part of Texas did you live in i used to live down on the coast area around Corpus Christi area in a small town called Aransas Pass area down there..
    do you ever take the bart around the area up there and tell how is easly is it to use..i have allways driven up do things ..but i was wondering if the be better to take the bus service that is offered from my area to the bart station and do it that way into the San Fransico .. i have to go up there for a overnight stay in the Va hospital and was wondering if the bart and the bus would be a better idea than try and drive and find parking ..
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