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    In time with the weather changes, most of us consider iPad protection covers especially if we need to use the expensive device out in the open for any periods of time. The Griffin Technology Survivor Case seems to be the most appropriate of those out there, considering it offers protection in all kinds of condition, including rain, wind or sand exposure, as well as drops from 6 feet.

    The case has a rigid back frame that fits around the iPad nicely and a silicone shell that you wrap around the front sides and back that makes it secure against rain. There are also flaps for the access ports and the cameras, or the headphone jack, and silicone buttons help you power up the device and control the volume. The case also comes with a stand that can be removed if you do not need it. For 79.99$ the Griffin Survivor Case is available in black or pink and is definitely one of the best out there.

    The next best iPad protectors come from the Gumdrop Cases, which are available in white and military green. While the case comes in a four-piece design, there are empty spots like on the rear camera or the speaker grille which could prove a bad thing for your iPad as water can easily get through. The design includes a front screen protector frame which is replaceable and a front frame piece that fit nicely together. There is also a back plastic piece with a silicone skin that covers the area nicely. For 59.95$ you can buy the Gumdrop Cases in either military green, black, black/red, white and pink.

    By Radu Tyrsina
    Source: ZDNet

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