A case that will glue the iPad on your hand, but without a soft touch

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    Case producer Griffin recommends an IPad case, AirStrap, designed to “make it easy and comfortable to use your iPad with one handâ€. As the reviewer from the CultofMac observes, the case offers a secure grip of the iPad and has a sturdy appearance, but an uncomfortable feel.

    AirStrap holds the iPad tight enough in a strong moulded frame, protecting the back and the corners with its robust materials. The back strap made of neoprene allows the user to hold the iPad with one hand without the risk of dropping it regardless of circumstances. The materials seem sturdy, impossible to damage or tear. The price for its sturdiness is that the grip is not at all comfortable. The neoprene strap remains tight and is not at all a soft hold. The upside is that the frame does not distract user attention, as it is very discreet around the display. It has a minimalist look and, as expected, provides access to all ports and speaker.

    However, there is some downside to it. The strap isn’t removable and re-adjustable which doesn’t allows the user to hold the iPAd in landscape position. In addition, this case doesn’t provide protection for the front of iPAd, not it allows a smart cover to be attached for this purpose.

    If the user is looking for a simple case for about $30 AirStrap from Griffin is a good choice. This case will glue the iPAd on to your hand, in portrait position, perfect for reading in the subway, on your way to work. It is not the case if you like a soft hold or if you want to pamper your iPad or at least to protect the display from scratches.

    By Radu Tyrsina
    Source: https://store.griffintechnology.com/airstrap

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