Apple Launches New iPad Smart Case to Cover Front and Back

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jun 11, 2012.

By Maura on Jun 11, 2012 at 2:49 PM
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    Aside from announcing iOS 6 at its WWDC today, Apple has also announced a new iPad case, the iPad Smart Case, according to The Next Web. The new case is already in the online Apple Store, and is designed to cover your iPad from the front to the back, and the sides as well, while still keeping the thin, light design. It is able to fold in much the same way as the old Smart Cover, and will cause your iPad to either wake from sleep or go to sleep when you open it or close it. It is made from polyurethane, with a soft, colour-matched microfiber lining to keep your display nice and clean, and will come in six different colours: light gray, dark gray, blue, green, pink and red. It can also be personalized with free laser engraving. The Smart Case will cost $49.00.

    Source: Apple Unveils New iPad Smart Case Accessory, Offers Front-to-Back Protection, Apple.


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jun 11, 2012.

    1. Gabriel1
      According to the Apple Store these fit both iPad 2 and the new I've just ordered a fetching blue number!

      The Archangel
    2. Harters
      Odd that as the new iPad camera is in a slightly different location and size. I thought there would be a choice when ordering for iPad 2 or New iPad, but there isn't....

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    3. Techgeek32
      polyurethane cases are very good. This one looks trendy too.
    4. Good karma
      Good karma
      I would have bought this case if it was available when i bought my ipad 3, as much as i like the older apple magnetic cover for the ipad 2, i disliked how it left the back of the ipad exposed and vunerable. Looks like this new one solves that dilema. The belkin one i got now with the ipad 3 sleeps and wakes the ipad, i dont need to press the main or home button like i had to with the ipad 1

      RIP Steve Jobs 
    5. skimonkey
      You will have to post pics when your fetching blue case comes in!

      I have a griffin smartcover that has the backing on it. I couldn't get myself to just get the smartcover and leave the back exposed.i am glad that Apple finally improved on their smartcover design--it really was time.
    6. iRager
      Will be ordering 1 each my 2 and 3 but haven't decided on colour... Might go with Red :D
    7. pcoleman721
      Just bought my Smart Case at the apple store in Chicago, it seems nice but I like the clear back/smart cover combo that I was using. I like the aluminum look of the
      iPad. The case has a rubbery feel picking up a little dust/fibers here and there. I think the smart cover of the Smart Case has a different feel compared to the stand alone unit. More rubbery I guess. The smart case does not come apart, it is attached to one another. It still feels like it has the smart cover frame sewed in there. It's all microfiber on the inside of the case. It has tapered edges similar to the first iPad official case.
    8. Gabriel1
      Mine has just arrived, here are some pictures.....






      It is of a rubber type construction with a cloth/microfiber on the inside of the front cover. I have my iPad 2 in it, it is a reasonable fit, ever so slightly loose but not so much that the iPad will rattle around or fall out. The New iPad should be a perfect fit.

      Do I like it, yes I do!

      I may order another colour though, maybe the grey.

      The Archangel
    9. skimonkey
      Hey, Gabe--that is a really nice shade of blue for the cover. It's really striking and looks to be a good fit there. The red cover also looks really vibrant as well. Was it 2 pieces or 1?

      Also, like screen shots and choice avatars!

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