MacRumors reports that Apple has added 3D building models of its new Apple Park Campus to Apple Maps, giving a whole new insight to the new structure.

Since the Maps update you can now see 3D building models in the Map view, as well as roads leading to and from the campus. If you search the location you’ll also see traffic directions, pedestrian pathways, and other local details.

Also added are new points of interest for the campus, including the R&D department, staff fitness centre, parking, and the Steve Jobs Theater.

The huge building project that was first envisioned by the late Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs is nearing completion, and Apple adding so many new features about the campus to Maps shows just how close the company’s new headquarters actually is to being finished. Thousands of employees have already begun to move into their brand new offices while the finishing touches are still taking place, including landscaping and work on the exterior of the main office building.

Source: Apple Maps Now Shows Apple Park 3D Models, Campus Walkways

AppleInsider reports that Saturday was a great day for Apple in Singapore as the company opened its first ever store in the country, and Apple’s SVP of Retail, Angela Ahrendts was on hand to celebrate with the employees and customers.

Ahrendts was pictured posing with local Singapore DJs Justin Ang and Vernon A at the opening ceremony for the Knightsbridge mall. Earlier, she had tweeted, “Huge thanks to the 2,800 Apple employees in Singapore! We have a long history her & are thrilled to open #AppleOrchardRoad tomorrow.”

As ever with Apple store openings, the event attracted long lines of Apple fans around the building, which, as you’d expect from such a modern city, is a very impressive structure, two stories tall, with a 120-ft glass front revealing both floors, and with a curved staircase that is said to have been inspired by Apple Park, Apple’s new HQ in California. There are even trees planted on the second floor that came from Malaysia.

Until now, Apple’s east Asian stores have been confined to China and Japan, but soon South Korea will be joining Singapore as a new member on that list, with the first South Korean Apple retail store due to open there this November.

Sources: Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts on hand for Singapore store opening

Media photos offer deeper peek inside Apple's first Singapore store

MacRumors reports today that the May 29 cover of The New Yorker magazine was sketched by artist Jorge Colombo entirely on iPad using an Apple Pencil. The impressive image shows Brooklyn Bridge Park in Hollywood Heights, where Colombo is a frequent visitor. The image shows a typical scene that you might expect to see on any given day at the park, with spectators watching basketball games against a backdrop of skyscrapers.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is clearly impressed by the cover, tweeting about it this morning, complete with Colombo’s description of what inspired him when he created the artwork.
Source: This Week's Cover of 'The New Yorker' Was Sketched on an iPad

Microsoft has today announced an iOS app for its rebranded Beam livestreaming platform, which it is now calling Mixer. The app is called Mixer Create, and, according to MacRumors, it launches in beta today with various self-broadcasting features that help streamers keep in touch with their fans.

“We chose Mixer as our new name because it represents what we love most about the service…how it brings people together,” said Matt Salsamendi, co-founder and engineering lead for Mixer at Microsoft.

Microsoft says that following the launch of the beta today it will soon update Mixer Create to enable users to stream live iOS gameplay straight from their iPads and iPhones in a similar way to how the platform currently works on PC and Xbox One. These iOS broadcasts will then be viewable across all platforms, including the iOS app, Xbox One, and the web.

Microsoft gives the example of being able to stream Pokémon Go on iPhone via Mixer and take your viewers along with you as you hunt for Pokémon.

Sources: Meet Mixer, formerly Beam, Microsoft’s interactive livestreaming platform - The Official Microsoft Blog

Introducing "Mixer"

Microsoft Announces 'Mixer Create' iOS App for On-The-Go Live Streaming of iPhone Games

9to5 Mac reports today on a new survey out of Stanford University looking into fitness trackers that has found that the Apple Watch is the most accurate heart rate monitor, although it doesn’t fare so well at measuring calories.

The study saw 60 participants wearing different fitness trackers such as the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S2, MIO Alpha 2, Microsoft Band, Fitbit Surge, among others. The participants all wore the fitness trackers when doing various types of exercise, including running, biking, and walking.

The results were then compared with the “gold standard” of tracking, which includes such methods as the electrograph for heart rate monitoring and the indirect calorimeter for tracking calories burned.

The tests found that the Apple Watch was the most accurate heart rate monitor, with a median error rate of 2%. The Samsung Gear S2 was the least accurate, with a median error rate of 6.8%. The study also found that cycling had the lowest error rates and walking had the highest error rates.

As far as energy expenditure tracking was concerned, it seems that none of the tested fitness trackers were able to be anything like as accurate as any of the comparable clinical grade indirect calorimeters. The Apple Watch was found to be the most consistent of the trackers tested in terms of energy expenditure tracking, but, with an error rate of almost 40%, it was only the third most accurate tracker, with the Fitbit Surge coming top with a 27% error rate and the Microsoft Band in third place with approximately 33% error rate.

Source: New study finds Apple Watch to be most accurate at measuring heart rate, calorie tracking subpar

Following its recent soft launch in Italy, the Pokémon Company has today released Magikarp Jump to the app store.

The free-to-play game gives the hapless Magikarp its own time to shine in its own game where the player gets to catch, train, feed and develop Magikarp and turn them into the highest jumper in a bid to become the League Champion.

Should your trusty Magikarp get knocked out or retire when it reaches Lv. 20, you’ll have to start all over again and catch and rear another prize Magikarp. However, you won’t have to start entirely from scratch, as each new Magikarp you catch will be a little stronger than the previous one.

Magikarp doesn’t get the glory all to itself, however, as during the game other Pokémon, such as Pikachu, will turn up to help you out, with some giving your Magikarp food, for example.

The better your Magikarp perform in jumping tournaments, the more commemorative photos of your feats you’ll receive to share online with your friends.

Just as with Pokémon Go, the game is free-to-play but has in-app purchases where you can buy various items to speed up training, replenish food stock, and to help you catch more Magikarp, as well as accessories with which to decorate your Magikarp’s habitat.

Click here to download for free: Pokémon: Magikarp Jump on the App Store

Source: The Pokémon Company

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