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Recode reports today that both Instagram and Twitter have just reported very successful quarters as far as attracting millions of new users is concerned.

Facebook-owned Instagram now has 700 million monthly active users, after adding 100 million accounts in just 4 months, eclipsing the 6 months that it took to rise from 500 million to 600 million users, and the 9 months that it took to rise from 400 million to 500 million users.

And Twitter is reporting similar good news, at least as far as new users is concerned, having added nine million new users in the last quarter, which is the highest number of new users since the beginning of 2015. And while Twitter did report a business decline of approximately 8%, representing the company’s first ever year-over-year decline, as Recode points out, this is still a lot better than the business decline of around 14% that Wall Street was predicting.

Sources: Instagram is growing faster than ever and now has 700 million users

Twitter added nine million new users last quarter, the most since early 2015

If you’re one of those people that frequently forget where you left your car when you’ve parked in a big parking garage or supermarket parking lot, for example, Google has today updated its Maps app with a very handy new feature, whereby it will remember where you’ve parked your car.

All you have to do to use the new feature is to tap the blue dot, then tap “Set as parking location” and this will add your parking spot to the map. Tap the parking label on the map to open your parking card, from where you can share your parking location with friends and also see pictures of where you’re parked.

Also, if your car is connected to your iOS device via USB audio or Bluetooth, automatic parking detection will already be enabled, meaning that your parking location will be automatically added to the map when you disengage your device and leave your vehicle.

Source: Remember where you parked with Google Maps

9to5 Mac reports today on the ruling from a Dutch court that says that Apple cannot offer remanufactured units as warranty replacements, and must instead supply nothing but brand new models to the customer. This follows on from a previous ruling by the Dutch court that said that Apple could not offer refurbished products as warranty replacements.

After the previous ruling, Apple started offering what it referred to as “remanufactured” units to replace faulty iPads, as it said that they had the same manufacturing and inspection standards as brand new iPads, and therefore could not be considered to be the same as refurbished products.

However, a woman in Holland who was offered a remanufactured iPad as a warranty replacement did not think this was good enough, and decided to take Apple to court. Now, the Dutch judge has ruled in her favour, saying that she is entitled to a brand new iPad as a replacement. Apple will be fined €100 for each day that it does not give the woman a brand new iPad.

Source: Production of Apple's 'iPhone 8' said to be affected by unspecified Samsung OLED problems

Phone Arena writes that in celebration of Chuck Norris’s 77th birthday, developer Sproing and producer flaregames have launched an iOS game all about the legendary martial artist, actor, and screenwriter, entitled Nonstop Chuck Norris.

The free-to-play game, which doesn’t require an Internet connection to play, has been authorised by Chuck Norris himself. Just like one of his movies, it features non-stop action where Chuck uses pretty much anything that he can get his hands on as a weapon to batter his foes as he attempts to save the multiverse.

During the game you’ll also get to collect Chuck Norris facts and develop signature abilities such as roundhouse kicks and push-up slams, as well as unlocking meme-inspired pet sidekicks for Chuck.

“I’ve been overwhelmed by fans’ reactions since I announced the game,” said Chuck Norris, speaking from his home in Texas. “Now that the game is live across the world, I hope they enjoy having the power of Chuck Norris on their phones!”

Click here to download for free: Nonstop Chuck Norris on the App Store

Sources: flaregames, The Chuck Norris mobile game is out on Android and iOS

Pocket Gamer reports that the latest game to come from the massively successful Angry Birds franchise, Angry Birds Islands, has just had a soft launch in Japan and Taiwan.

In the management/building sim, players get to explore Mysterious Islands and collect resources such as fish, wood, and mana to use to craft items and help create an island paradise where the birds and piggies can live together in peace and harmony. Yes, you read that right, the angry birds and piggies actually do get along in this game, as they team up to fight the various monsters that get in the way of them trying to survive and thrive on their Mysterious Islands home.

According to App Spy, which has had some hands-on time with the game, it plays a lot like an Angry Birds version of Clash of Clans, only with Birds and Pigs rather than Barbarians and Minions, for example. It certainly looks like a lot of fun, judging by the brief clips in the trailer. No word on a release date yet, but it can’t be too far away.

Sources: Angry Birds Islands sticks birds and piggies on a mysterious island, and it's soft-launched now in select countries

Here's everything you need to know about Angry Birds Islands

9to5 Mac reports that Apple has apologised for various iCloud plans disappearing last week, as well as emails that were erroneously sent out by Apple to customers telling them that their 50GB or 100GB iCloud plans had been discontinued.

In an email apologising for the incident that was sent to all those involved, Apple said that the emails were sent out in error, and that there have, in fact, been no changes to iCloud storage plans. Apple also reiterated that all plans would stay exactly as they are, meaning that the disappearance of the $0.99 per month 50 GB iCloud plan and the $2.99 per month 200 GB iCloud plan had simply been a glitch.

In the email, Apple said, “We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have any questions, please contact us.”

Apple did not offer any explanation as to how the glitch happened.

Source: Apple acknowledges earlier iCloud subscription errors, says everything has been resolved

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