The New iPad Case Review - Otterbox Defender Case

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By iDan on Apr 4, 2012 at 4:12 PM
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    If you are looking for a quality protective case for your new iPad or iPad 2, look no further. The Otterbox Defender is one of the finest crafted cases on the market today that adds unparalleled protection and fantastic looks to your new iPad/iPad2. Some of the features of this case include:

    • Robust silicone — durable and absorbs impact force
    • Built-in screen protector — simplifies installation, protects from scratches and is easy to clean
    • Engineered design is inspired by the new iPad — ergonomics accommodate natural use
    • Aesthetics — textures and styling in combination with high quality materials create an attractive protective solution
    • Port protection with complete access to all functions through case — blocks dust and debris from ports which lengthens the life of the device
    • Compatible with the new iPad and iPad 2 — the case is a natural extension of the refined technical beauty of the device
    • Easy installation — polycarbonate pieces lock together with obvious snap closing, silicone installs easily over polycarbonate and stays in place
    • Screen protector fits flush and flat on the screen — protects from scratches and is barely noticeable

    Check out our video review of the Defender to see the fine craftsmanship and excellent protection that the Defender provides. Enjoy!

    For more details on this case check out: OtterBox Defender Series for The New iPad 3 3rd Generation & iPad 2 - Black: Computers & Accessories
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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Apr 4, 2012.

    1. SquiderDragon
      Yes had this beauty from day 1. Shipped to UK and arrived on day of launch for new iPad.

    2. wvueersfan1
      I got the new iPad case as a replacement to the old IPad 2 case. Boy is there a large difference. I love the new case it is so much better than the old defender case.
    3. banjaboy
      If anyone is looking for an otter box for iPad original, Amazon . Com has them for $14, I bought one last week, regular price is $89. I really is cool
    4. alxb577
      I really like the otterbox defender. I don't have to worry about my iPad at all. It does add a lot of bulk though which I don't really mind since I just throw it in my backpack. I really hope the cover that I comes with doesn't break like the otter box belt clip always does because I find it really useful. But overall the case is great and if there was a tablet that is as rugged as the iPad is with the otterbox it would easily cost 2000 dollars and be called military grade.
    5. bong512
      Hello everyone! I also purchased this case for my ipad2, since it is not yet available here in our country, i ordered mine from the states ( and luckily my cousin in law visited us and was able to bring it along with him. It is a very nice case and since we have a 1 year old kid, we feel our precious ipad is very well protected. It took me while to choose between the ipad 2 defender version or the new one because there were a lot of negative reviews on the previous model. As soon as i put i on it feels really solid and looks sexy, i bought a lot of cases before and i'm pretty sure this would be the last one. I highly recommend this case especially if you have kids. I rate this 10 out of 10.
    6. Ghostdancer
      I just bought the New Gen as an open box deal, and I am still looking for a nice case.
    7. marksevlin
      Could you tell me that in how many ranges it is available?
    8. alxb577
      There's only 2 versions for the iPad 2 and only the new one works for the iPad new but the newer one is wayyyy better I had both and compared to the new case the old one is junk.
    9. thomaswoodlick
      I rally like this ipad case. I will surely buy this case for my new ipad. Can you tell me the actual price of it and also tell me from where I can easily buy it.

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