Griffin Launches AirStrap Med iPad Case for Healthcare Use

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jun 18, 2012.

By Maura on Jun 18, 2012 at 4:24 PM
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    Griffin, makers of excellent iPhone and iPad cases, has today announced the launch of its new AirStrap Med iPad case, which is specifically aimed at bringing the security and convenience of Griffin’s AirStrap case to the healthcare setting, and to make using the iPad 2 and new iPad in the healthcare environment easier, safer and more comfortable. The wide strap on the back of the case is designed for holding the iPad with one hand during rounds, for the purposes of taking notes, charting and other similar activities. The case is made of lightweight, two-piece polycarbonate and silicone, to protect your iPad from moisture and fluid intrusion on all sides. Non-slip surfaces ensure a good grip whether the iPad is being held with bare or gloved hands, and the screen is covered by a touch-through screen protector shied that is fingerprint- and scratch-resistant. The smooth, non-porous surfaces are fully sanitizable with industry-standard cleaning and sterilization products, and there’s even a molded clip to secure your stylus when not in use, and a shoulder-strap included as standard. The AirStrap Med iPad case costs $89.99.

    Source: AirStrap Med iPad case for healthcare professionals - Griffin Technology
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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jun 18, 2012.

    1. skimonkey
      Hey Maura...looks really nice. Just wondering how this would actually work in the clinical setting for us. I will need to read the full article when we get a chance.

      Thanks for sharing! :)
    2. casencover
      Really looking gergious.cost must be something to know.
    3. Dankypad
      I have never joined a forum for something that I am not super passionate about. I also very rarely write reviews. I however feel highly obligated to at least warn a couple people about this case and my experience with Griffin.

      I ordered this case a couple months ago. It came with a tear in the hand strap. The tear didn't make it unusable, but it drastically jeopardized the integrity of the strap. Basically, if you look at the image in the original post, the part where the hand strap loops back around into that dark grey clasp is where it had a tear (right where it hooks into the clasp). Keep in mind that the product arrived at my doorstep in this way. This was not done by me, or by the shipping company, as this was more likely a manufacturing defect. The tear was a very clean cut line that almost looked as if someone took a razor and sliced the hole open a bit to enlarge it.

      Anyway, I contacted Griffin about this problem. I told them about my predicament and even sent them a picture of the oddly torn hand strap. Their advice? For me to pay for shipping and to ship the whole case back to them. Once again... they WANTED ME TO PAY for the shipping of THEIR defective product. After they inspected the strap, they said they would send me a new one if they deemed it defective... which it very clearly was. They also said that there would be a delay and I would be without a case for almost 2 weeks. I told them that it was only the strap that was defective and I didn't need to send the whole case (I work in a hospital and wanted to use the case). I also didn't want to pay the shipping for something that was their burden to bear, but they weren't having any of that.

      Finally, in the end I decided to just return the case and the stylus I purchased with it. I cannot justify giving business to a company that does not deserve it. After paying over 90$ for the case and stylus, I had to pay an additional 8 dollars to ship the products back to them for my refund. So in the end, it cost me 8 dollars to deal with the whole Griffin debacle. Needless to say, the whole experience was a very poor one. The customer service was a shame.

      This is just my 2 cents, but I would say Griffin is a company to avoid.

      As for the actual case itself, it would have been fairly decent for hospital use. The major drawback is that it covers the speaker port with almost an airtight seal. This is very bad for the speaker, because if it starts making noises, it can cause damage to the cone due to lack of air movement (which causes a back pressure, or negative pressure, or something... my physics is rusty). So if you manage to get one of these cases in working condition and decide to keep it, make sure you mute your iPad while it is in the case. (of course my primary advice is to boycott this company, but it seems to be the only option for body substance isolation for your iPad)

    4. Calkid44
      It seems to be the Air Strap case I am guessing? Cases are all about personal preference and i am so sorry you had to go through that, sometimes companies get so big and sell so much product that one or two bad cases means nothing to them, in other words customer service goes out the window. As per the speaker whole I would have addressed that to them and the issue of the speaker within the Ipad, i would have called Apple to see about the warranty of such a certain case covering the speaker 1st then i would have bought up the strap issue. The strap makes sense to someone of a teacher or doctor or nurse etc: to have handy when inputting data, very convenient, Ottobox make's a similar care with speaker wholes however no strap, keep searching or write to the head of the Co. to see if you can get your experience a better one, good luck and again, sorry for your mishap

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