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Jan 19, 1979 (Age: 36)

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Mar 2, 2015 at 5:38 PM
    1. Max
      Hey Dan! Any chance you could create a subfolder in the hacking section for the tutorials me and f4 are working on, just name it Tutorials.
      How you been otherwise?

    2. DG~X
      Im back!:) Ill be active again here, nice to see ya again.
    3. Ascendo
      Hi Dan,

      Are you going to CTIA? If so, I would like to discuss a few things. Are you available for a chat Web 6th at ~3pm?

      Marc BOLH
      CEO Ascendo
    4. bieber fever
      bieber fever
      This site = Amazing.
      I should have joined it earlier, lol.
    5. col.bris
      Good evening from australia, just a short note I have created new rules for the iPhone 4 forum in confusion you were not notified. As I am at lost whom in admin looks after the forum I did send johnnyapple a message but had no response so suspect he is away. I forwarded the message to you tonight, my if you get the chance take a look at it. I also need you or someone to create a new master thread for rules same as this forum Hooe it is of help to all of you.

      Regards Colin. Down under
    6. Wgary
    7. iDan
      ah, thats terrible news.. but we got it posted on the front page!
    8. rob the elder
      rob the elder
      DENVER - Denver Police are searching for two thieves who stole an iPad from a man shopping at the Cherry Creek Mall, and ripped off his little finger in the process.

      Bill Jordan tells FOX31 News that he went to the Cherry Creek Mall's Apple store last Thursday to buy an iPad because his company needed one for a business gift.

      "I didn't even know what it was. It's a toy," Jordan told us.

      He says he didn't realize that two thugs were watching him as he left the store. They attacked as he walked down the winding staircase to the mall's main level.

      "The next thing I know, I'm spun around. I see this kid...and he's pulling (the iPad) out of my hand."

      Jordan says the Apple bag's cords were wrapped around his fingers and he couldn't let go.

      "I never hear it coming, I never see it coming. I just remember this kid pulling and pulling and pulling and it got caught…took the flesh right off, the tendons and everything. There was nothing but bone."
    9. Isaac Newton
      Isaac Newton
    10. IEwok
      I don't know if this is the PM section or not, but , as discussed, please delete DanaNgidhu from the forum. Thanks.

    11. iDan
      Thanks iBean! Ya, I was playing around with a few designs last night so I could top the NM iPad owners logo :)

      I'll see what we can design for previous post idea!
    12. iBean
      iDan, love your Austin User Group logo! your design? Would like to see a "smilie" icon of a sign showing an "up" pointing arrow with a caption of "Funny Post". I use that one a lot on my Backyard Chicken list, indicating that I find the previous post amusing. Hook 'Um Horns!
    13. JohnnyApple
      My New Mexico logo is cooler then your Austin one! ;)
    14. swelson
      i just talked to my agent re ; ipad , i can after providing a receipt and a serial # get it covered with (no deductible) for under 30 bucks a year
    15. iDan
      I wasn't :) Please be sure to use the report button if you stumble across any spam like that.
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