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Reasons the iPad is Better than a Netbook

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The article would indicate that portable computing devices don't need to have full functionality anymore.

The iPad, while not a huge iPod Touch is more like a souped up huge iPod Touch. If an iPod Touch had a faster CPU what could the iPad do that it couldn't? After all they do run the same OS.

More significantly the iPad could lead the way away from the mouse and to a gesture pad for desktops.

Well, its like I say when I sell Ipads to my customers....

Think of this as a suitcase. Now, when you pack a suitcase for a vacation or to go somewhere, you don't take your whole closet do you? No, you take only the things you know your going to need with you, and some things you can have for fun.

Its not for everyone, no. but think of the possibilities....colleges and schools are buying these in bulk for their students....its going to revolutionize textbooks.

E-readers have been around for a few years. They did not revolutionize anything. Some schools have even barred the iPad from connecting to their network. Always two sides to every coin.
The barring is temporary, just as the ban in Israel was temporary, and has already been lifted.

I find that even the mundane just seems better on the iPad. Hated note- and netbooks. Tried twice and sold them each time.

I use my computer for online games and syncing ... Everything else is now done on my iPad.
The school ban was just a few that found issues with their wifi system. Most of them issued a few rules to get around the problem, and only banned those who kept being a problem. The iPad will need revisions which is no big deal.
The iPad isn't any better than a laptop - just completely different - which then begs for a comparison.
The school ban was just a few that found issues with their wifi system. Most of them issued a few rules to get around the problem, and only banned those who kept being a problem. The iPad will need revisions which is no big deal.
Issue's aside, I still stand by my point. The iPad is not going to revolutionize textbooks for schools like one member was saying. It could even create a headache if the iPads are not being used for learning (gaming, socializing, music in class, etc..). If schools really are starting to do this, I look at it more as a recruitment tool, then anything(Commit to us and get a free iPad and save on text books!). If it does start to become more main stream for many schools, I am not even sure I would give Apple the credit, as they are new to the Readers club and others have been at it longer.
The iPad will not revolutionize textbooks - but equipment like the Kindle and the iPad are the beginning of that revolution.
The iPad is not going to revolutionize any one particular field. It is a progression to a revolution in how we function in all fields. Right now the main impact of the iPad is being seen in the medical field. The computer has always been a battle between centralized systems vs decentralization. The iPad has the capacity to merge the two concepts better than anything before.
Well, let us face the reality. The iPad is far better compared to a Netbook. The iPd has more features than the netbook. The iPad has also a wider screen. The design of the iPad is perfect.
Close but IMO -add editing functions i.e. navigation arrows to edit text and a simple stylus, not the Pogo, and the iPad is a notebook killer

April 17th, 2010

The following is a guest post from Eric Jones, Erictric reader and blogger at CoreGeek. Highlighted are fifteen reasons why the iPad may just be a better choice over a netbook:
1. Hardware quality – Apple builds quality hardware, both in looks and feel. A lot of the netbooks are cheap and flimsy.

2. Functionality without hassle – No worries about managing anti-virus and all of the headaches of a Windows-based operating system.

3. It’s always ready to go – Leave it on, let it sleep. Touch the button to wake from sleep and you’re using it right away. No waiting for the device to boot up every time.

4. Excellent battery life – Apple says the iPad’s battery will last 10 hours on a charge. Some reviews, with heavy testing, have shown it to last even longer. “The iPad lasted 11 hours and 28 minutes, about 15% more than Apple claimed. I was able to watch four feature-length movies, four TV episodes and a video of a 90-minute corporate presentation, before the battery died midway through an episode of “The Closer.”Walt Mossberg.

5. User experience – No more mouse. iPad uses full multitouch interface. To me using the iPad interface feels like the future.
“The iPad user experience is instantly compelling and elegant. It’s not every computer and every function. It’s a computer that’s designed for speed, mobility, and tactile interaction (emphasis mine) above all other considerations.”Andy Ihnatko.

6. E-Reader – With iBooks or Amazon Kindle software it’s an e-reader with the form factor of a book. “But it’s just such a bloody good book reader that some folks will never wander far from its eBook functions. And why not? From one perspective, it’s hands-down the best book reader you can buy.”Andy Ihnatko.

7. Comics“Reading digital comics on most devices is a pain: the screens are too small, or you’re confined to the landscape orientation, which forces you to scroll to see entire pages or zoom in to read text. The iPad, quite simply, was built for this. The colors are bright and beautiful, the text is perfectly legible, and being able to change the orientation of the screen on the fly allows you to adapt your reading to however the artists decided to lay out the panels.” – Ben Kuchera Ars Technica review.

8. Excellent Screen – Photos and movies look fantastic. It has excellent viewing angles too. Most netbooks I’ve seen have crappy screens. “You can lay the iPad flat on a table while you eat or drink and it looks just fine at a decidedly skewed angle — far more so than with the iPhone. This IPS stuff is the real deal; here’s to hoping for an IPS display in this year’s new iPhones.”John Gruber.

9. Lots of applications (apps) at affordable prices – iPad is really about the apps with over 180,000 available apps — that’s a lot of software. Some are free, most $0.99, some more (the more expensive apps usually offer a trial version). Apps are without a doubt where iPad will excel. Soon enough, there will be some great killer apps coming, too. Right now, the Netflix App is being universally praised for more than obvious reasons.

10. Speed – iPad is very fast. Even some dissenting reviews commented on the impressive speed. “The performance is stunning. Unlike even the iPhone 3GS, the iPad never seems to be anything but snappy. Apps open crisply. Animations never slow the presentation.”Paul Thurrott.

11. Gaming – There are some great games. I’m not a heavy gamer but have found the iPhone/iPod Touch the perfect platform for a casual gamer like myself. Many of the games available are cheap, if not free. If I get bored with a certain game, I don’t feel bad for not revisiting or quitting it because it didn’t spend $30+ for it. The idea of gaming on the iPad is similar.

12. Photo Frame – Put it on a stand and use the built-in photo display feature to run as a digital photo frame when it’s not in use.

13. Portability – The “slate” style form factor gives you options and positions that are difficult with a traditional “clam shell” style laptop. Ever tried to use a laptop standing up or lying down? It’s also a nice size to easily carry around in a bag.

14. It’s not just a bigger iPhone / iPod Touch“The iPad isn’t a big iPod Touch—an iPod Touch is a miniature iPad that restricts the full multitouch experience in exchange for offering greater portability. With the iPad, in contrast, you get multitouch the way it was meant to be done.” – Jacqui Cheng Ars Technica review.

15. The Indescribable – Perhaps Stephen Fry has said it best:
“I had been prepared for a smooth feel, for a bright screen and the “immersive” experience everyone had promised. I was not prepared, though, for how instant the relationship I formed with the device would be. I left Cupertino without an iPad, but I have since gotten my own, and it goes with me everywhere.”
“…for me, my iPad is like a gun lobbyist’s rifle: the only way you will take it from me is to prise it from my cold, dead hands. One melancholy thought occurs as my fingers glide and flow over the surface of this astonishing object: Douglas Adams is not alive to see the closest thing to his Hitchhiker’s Guide that humankind has yet devised.”

Voice your opinions in the comments, increment the reason number if you think of another reason the iPad is better than a Netbook.

someone help me please, what is the name of the game that is on the right hand side in the screen of this topic, is that the one i have seen demonstrated where one does the steering of the car, if so, i need to have this one for my grandkids, i love my new ipad, and i am a senior with 3 laptops and 4 desktops, and now use my ipad more than all of them put together
Almost a senior here :) I've been addicted to computers since I first touched a VIC20! Always have several computers in the house. The iPad has replaced them for pretty much everything other than MMORPGs which I also greatly enjoy.
Well, let us face the reality. The iPad is far better compared to a Netbook. The iPd has more features than the netbook. The iPad has also a wider screen. The design of the iPad is perfect.

Uh...that's not even close to true. I have a Sony Vaio P series netbook that has a screen that's smaller with a much better resolution, USB ports, VGA and CAT-5 ports with a much smaller footprint, half the weight of the iPad, 4 times the storage and runs Windows 7 which is almost infinitely more capable than the OS on the iPad. That netbook replaced a now years old tablet that had a touchscreen, ran Windows XP great, also had a ton of ports and was also lighter than the iPad with a lot more storage and nearly the same resolution at the same screen size. I'm not knocking the iPad or it's OS, it's nice and I bought one, but let's not get carried away. It's not all that novel, it's not a netbook, it's not a notepad, it's not a laptop and compared to a full featured OS like Windows, it's extremely restrictive. I'd categorize it as between an iPhone and a netbook, closer to the iPhone.
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Reason a Netbook is better than an iPad:

No one bothers you in public to ask you "How do you like the iPad?"
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