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  • Hey forums have been great without your presence, you should go to Germany more often!
    my friend in Texas say to do this a post office box at a ups store and have the tags sent there after doing the whole thing on line then haveing them forward to the house in Az area
    dont worry about it bro, thanks a lot but I think we are just going to title her car in my name
    iam going to call someone i know and see if they can help me help you with the problem ..i see if they can tell how to do the trick they did for me about the car reg and tags a few months early
    call texas dmv right before you go and see if you can get a temp moveing tag for seven this right before you leave to be stationed in texas ..i do not know if they still do that ..but make a call to them to see if you can get sent to your personal address there in az the temp tags

    call the local area dmv where you are going to be stationed at and ask them if them can send you a temp tag to be able to move the car to the next base ..we did that when we went to Hood once from a another state save money on the tags for we where going to have to renew the tags and it was costing more than it was going to be worth it .
    no the pictures of the cars in the driveway of the house.. i seen that mountain before down southern Az area ..i got land up around Show low Az and had it for years it my basically get the heck out of dodge place for me to go for a while and just relax and take it easly for a while place ..
    in the background of the one picture ..your in Tuscon or Phx or los Wages area of the southwest area
    i have vacum packed the tolietties items first then double bag them agan in another box to ship them to the diff kids in the family that is overseas ..iam there basically there supply officer on some things that they want or a guy in there unit wants ..i basically have a rules about something i ship and others i do not mind
    Hey Matt, would you mind sending me a link to the download for Nero Recode? I'd love to try it out. I've searched google and the Nero website and couldn't find it.

    Thanks in advance.

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