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  • I think it would be fine for all of that as long as your headphones are bud style and not the big cuff style. I don't like earbuds and prefer cuff style headphones and there is not room in the bag for them. There will not be a lot of extra room but should be fine.

    I carry ipad, kindle, four extra batteries for phone and wireless router (and the wireless router and modem), kleenex, gum, pens, camera and a few other odds and ends.
    i read your blog on the cocoon harlem bag and tell me a little more about the bag ..for all i want to do is carry the following items in the bag

    ipad combo charger for iphone and ipad unit
    screen cleaning cloth
    reading glass in hardshell carrying case
    plus few odds and end items inside the case when traveling ..

    leaveing room for some diff things i have bought when out ..i went back to a daypack with a padded sleeve unit for the ipad and i found that is just a little to big at times for basic carrying around for work .. i had a kensington sling bag and the strap broke after use for three months that i had it ..

    so any info that you could give i would like it ..
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