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Purple flickering line showing and disappearing? What should I do?


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Nov 10, 2017
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So I have had my iPad 5-th generation(2017) for about 4 months now and it has worked perfectly. However, when I bought it, after 5 minutes of playing with the device, a purple vertical flickering line appeared near where the camera is, which was across all the vertical space and was 1 pixel wide. Back then the first thing I did was read the forums and saw that it was actually a common problem which some said, could be fixed by simply updating to a newer version or resetting the iPad. So what I did was update it to the newest version and for the time it really helped. The line was gone and after 4 months of wonderful use, it showed again. I was just using my device as usual when out of nowhere the same line at the same place appeared. I did the same thing I did last time, so I updated to the newer version. When the update finished the line was gone for about 30 seconds and then it showed itself again. I read more topics and one of them stated that it could be due to moisture going inside the device and blocking the pixels in some way. So the solution to that problem, as the post stated, was to turn it off for a bit and then after turning it on again doing a stress test with turning up and down the brightness a couple of times. That's what I did! I left it for about an hour and after starting it the line was gone and I immediately started playing with the brightness when in the process it showed itself once more. I decided to turn the iPad off for a day and after starting it and going through the same process again, the line didn't show. For now it's okay, but still, I can't figure out if it's a software or a hardware problem. I would really appreciate if there is someone who has had the same problem, or if someone knows what could be causing such a thing and if I should send it for a hardware fix. Please help me because the device has a warranty and I want to make use of it while I still can. Thanks in advance for the advice and the help!
At this point, a visit to the Genius Bar at an Apple Store is in order. They can run a full diagnostic to determine the cause of the problem. If it’s hardware related, they may just exchange your iPad for another one. For this reason, back up your iPad before going to the Apple Store. You can set up a replacement iPad from that back up.

BTW, do you have AppleCare+? It comes with two years of free telephone technical support.
Hmm this sounds like something Apple needs to look at. It could also be a sign of screen dying kinda like a computer monitor.

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