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  1. S

    Purple flickering line showing and disappearing? What should I do?

    So I have had my iPad 5-th generation(2017) for about 4 months now and it has worked perfectly. However, when I bought it, after 5 minutes of playing with the device, a purple vertical flickering line appeared near where the camera is, which was across all the vertical space and was 1 pixel...
  2. K

    Problem saving multiple photos via PhotoSync or email

    I am using an iPad Air and have started having problems transferring photos from my android phone via PhotoSync or even saving multiple photos received via email. I have been able to use PhotoSync successfully on this machine previously The PhotoSync app appears to work with the transfer...
  3. Knightoftheapp

    Facebook App Problem

    Hello, I have an iPad Pro (the 9" version). I also have the Facebook app. The chat function on the Facebook app is buffering all the time. It never stops. I've tried deleting/reinstalling the app. I tried pushing the home button and the power button at the same time. Neither had any effect. I...
  4. B

    Weird Gray Aligned dots when turning on and unresponsive screen

    Quite recently, my iPad crashed (strip of screen unresponsive and so was the rest of it and an unusual color) I turned it off with the home-button and the power-button combo). I turned it on the same way Then the screen was black the entire time until there was a gray line in the middle, then a...
  5. T

    Amazon Music app has weird audio flutter effect during playback of some songs on iPad Air 2

    Hi! I have a 32GB, wifi-only iPad Air 2 (iOS 10.2 14C92) that I recently purchased to replace another one that was accidentally damaged. I use the Amazon Music app to stream music from Amazon Unlimited, and I noticed, both on my first iPad and the new one, that certain songs (sometimes several...
  6. S

    Ipad Pro 12.9 surface drawing problem with the Apple Pencil

    I got my first Ipad a few days ago and I try as best as I can to describe my problem. When I draw with the pencil the nib in some little areas of the glass gets kinda stuck/ runs unsmooth over the surface. This makes my pencil stroke uneven, jagged in these spots (more than tolerable). The...
  7. S

    iPad won't turn on. Not responsive to usual fixes.

    I have a 3rd Gen iPad that is having problems turning on. When attempting to turn it on it shows the apple symbol for a while as if it were turning on, however the screen goes black and is presumably off again. Continued attempts yield the same result. When trying the hard reset via the...