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screen problem

  1. J

    Screen dead

    My ipad pro A1673 is about four years old. While I was watching a Youtube, the screen suddenly went out. Even though there is no screen I was able to sign in and backup to itunes. I bought a new screen, but all the new screen does is light up. Any idea what is wrong?
  2. MissMitty

    iPad Air 2 screen touch does'nt reply

    Yesterday, my iPad screen stopped functioning. So, today I contacted the Apple support... After a long day of phone calls, chats, updates, restore and all, I took it to the Cami shop. They told me that it's not possible to solve the problem because the warranty is not valid anymore (of course !)...
  3. S

    Purple flickering line showing and disappearing? What should I do?

    So I have had my iPad 5-th generation(2017) for about 4 months now and it has worked perfectly. However, when I bought it, after 5 minutes of playing with the device, a purple vertical flickering line appeared near where the camera is, which was across all the vertical space and was 1 pixel...
  4. W

    Touchscreen Goes Haywire

    I've had my iPad mini screen replaced, the replaced screen wasn't working with my smart cover so I went back and they replaced it again. Now I'm having a problem where I'm typing and random letters appear, or apps open by themselves, and other "phantom" touches where the iPad acts like there...
  5. B

    Weird Gray Aligned dots when turning on and unresponsive screen

    Quite recently, my iPad crashed (strip of screen unresponsive and so was the rest of it and an unusual color) I turned it off with the home-button and the power-button combo). I turned it on the same way Then the screen was black the entire time until there was a gray line in the middle, then a...