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    Purple flickering line showing and disappearing? What should I do?

    So I have had my iPad 5-th generation(2017) for about 4 months now and it has worked perfectly. However, when I bought it, after 5 minutes of playing with the device, a purple vertical flickering line appeared near where the camera is, which was across all the vertical space and was 1 pixel...
  2. I

    iPad Pro Multitouch screen glitch - blank area in drawing apps

    Hi there, As I am now on my second Pro due to a touchscreen issue, finding out the replacement one has the same problem, I wonder, if anybody else has it. In portrait mode a little bit above the midline near to the left border, there seems to be a blind spot in terms of not responding pixels...
  3. D

    Hardware issue with headphone jack!

    Hello everyone. So yesterday I tripped, fell over my iPad, the headphone jack broke and now it is stuck. Any ideas of how could I get it out? I'll leave a pic of it. Thanks.