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  • Gabe; I thought YOU were the BEST of the BEST!! Guess you will have to buy a bigger hat as well!! :) Diane
    PS: empty your pm folder. It is full and I know cause I tried to send this there !! :)
    Hey Gabe, I did it! Copy and paste worked! It is just words not a photo and I put it it in the laugh of the day section. Hope I don't get a strike against me!! Keeping my fingers crossed.
    HEY! You already ARE my friend! Thanks, I didn't check out the more list. Duh. Sorry, Diane/squib :)
    I can't find how to request you to be my friend - so I am asking now, will you be my friend?
    Thank You and everyone has been so friendly! Please feel free to advise and pass along any wisdom you happen to be able to impart, I am anxious to learn and use social media to enrich my iPad exp. and help my Business. Thanks Again, smorgan741
    Just testing,

    I'm trying to send this message to each of my friends. Can I send it to everyone as a group?

    OK, have you looked at the Family History thread? I posted, with test images, about an app which converts the iPad into a portable scanner. Each of you should find this of interest.

    i cannot find the facility to send the post to friends simultaneously. There isn't an obvious cc or group cc link! :(
    I tried that, one time a few months ago I did that, but this time it didn't give me that option. You are wonderful, uplifting and always bring a smile to my day. Thanks,DM
    Thank you so much for helping me to find the elusive like "button". LOL

    I appreciate you.
    Ahhhh sorry about the signature thing.

    I went to go and change it, but I guess you already removed it ?
    Oddly, I think my first couple of posts would have had the signature line in ?

    Anyway, sorted now. Thanx !!
    Hi there, we already have a thread for this here, Black Friday deals for iPad 2?

    Feel free to post your question in that, I'll close this thread in the meantime.

    The Archangel

    Comment deleted for breaking forum rules......your link takes u to the thread u closed!
    Hi Gabriel,

    Post deleted for not being in accordance with the forum rules

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