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Messed up software update, iPad not working, iTunes not recognizing device- help?!


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Dec 24, 2010
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I got my iPad yesterday, and after syncing it with my iTunes library, proceeded to download and update my iPad with the new software update. Everything was fine until I had to look for software supposedly already installed on my computer to finish the update.
I know I don't have this software/these drivers because I've done the same thing with my iPod touch. It became unresponsive, with the only available screen being the connect to iTunes one, and in the past I've had to take it into an iTunes shop and get them to restore it, because I can't do it at home because iTunes won't recognize my device.

Am I going to have to do the same thing now, or is there a way to restore my device while its unresponsive and cannot be connected to iTunes? And obviously, without messing it up!


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Jun 13, 2010
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Sweet is right, the update will pan out if you don't have the latest iTunes..

If you do, try a program called tiny umbrella to "kick out of restore mode"

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