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iTunes upgrade not recognizing iPad


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Jun 4, 2010
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I have upgraded iTunes today and now, when I connect my iPad it wants to install new hardware. It recognizes iPad as an Apple Mobile device but says it cannot install the USB driver and sees it as digital camera. I can restore to an earlier version of iTunes but will need it for the new iOS when it is available.

Any ideas please? I think this has happened before but not sure how I solved it.
It seems like you are running windows. Once the ipad is being installed by itunes you'll see a popup saying something about not signed drivers,so you should hit the "Continue" button ,and of course you will only see that popup once you minimize itunes. Hope this works. The digital camera thingy is in no way connected to prevention of ipad driver installation as its just a feature to copy saved pictures from your ipad to your pc and nothing else. Let me know if this helped or you need furthur information.

I also had a little glitch upon iTunes upgrade in Windows. I had to remove my iPad and reboot Windows, then reconnect my iPad (also iPhone).
I did the iTunes upgrade on my Windows XP computer. When I first plugged in the iPad, I got the "Found new hardware" popup, and it just stuck there. Nothing was being installed. The iPad wasn't recognized by iTunes.

I unplugged the iPad then plugged it back in again and it 'took' that time. It's been working OK ever since...
I have done all of the above...might try uninstalling iTunes and reinstalling. The iPad and touch connect to computer (Windows XP) and the small window pops up to say camera connected as it always did but neither device now ever appears in iTunes panel on the left. The driver when I look in Device Manager, is fine...no x or exclamation mark etc.

It seems I will have to move my entire itunes library over to my laptop which really does not have enough space but at least both devices are recognized there.
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Finally got iTunes to recognize my iPad

I been to about 5 different forums and I could not find a solution that would work. I finally came to this forum and read a reply about the drivers and then it clicked. I registered here hoping that my solution will help a few of you Windows users.

My home PC is running Win XP Pro. Try this:
  1. Right click on "My Computer"
  2. Click on "Device Manager"
  3. Then look in the Universal Serial Bus (USB) controllers list
  4. It should be the first device since its alphabetical order (Apple) and it should have a yellow exclemation point
  5. Right click on it and either select "Update Driver" or you can click on "Properties" and reinstall through that menu
  6. Let the wizard reinstall/update the driver and then you should be golden
  7. Oh, once iTunes detects your iPad it may freeze up. Just unplug the usb cable and then close iTunes. Then just plug the USB cable back into the iPad and iTunes should fire up on its own (if you have that option enabled). Just ignore the pop up why Windows thinks its a camera.
  8. FINAL STEP:: Let me know if this helps you out! Cheers! :)

Hope this helps guys & gals!
-Dzeimsas (Lithuanian for James)

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