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iPad stuck in DFU mode, won't restore, itunes 4014 error

If you can not open your iTunes normally, it might due to the firewall and antivirus program, which will prevent iTunes from connecting to Apple servers or to devices. Maybe you can try to restore or upgrade the IPSW on your laptop. In addition, you can try to restore your iPad on another PC, maybe things will be better. Hope you can find the way to get your iPad out of recovery mode.
That won't help if the OP's iPad has a hardware problem, as suggested by the error 4014.
Which version of Windows is on your computer? The latest version of iTunes will run on Windows 7 and later. BTW, have you tried turning off your firewall and anti virus before trying to install iTunes on your computer?
It's Windows 10, but it's giving me a very hard time with this recent version of iTunes, but I also recently updated my Windows software so I dunno which is the glitchy one. I haven't tried turning my firewall and antivirus off when installing let me try that.
It was a hardware error indeed I took it to Apple and they couldn’t see what was wrong with it and ruled it as a faulty iPad then gave me a new one :D

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