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iPad isn't recognized, won't boot


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Jan 2, 2011
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So I jailbroke my iPad using redsn0w. I had to reboot today, and when I tried to boot up, the redsn0w process got stuck on Uploading First Stage. I googled solutions, nothing reasonable, so I decided to do a restore via Itunes. Itunes did recognize the device, however it said that:
The device appears to be in recovery mode, and must be recovered. Therefore I pressed recover, and itunes downloaded a software update for my iPad. Everything went great until it didn't do anything after the software update, and all of a sudden Windows says there is an error:
Your device is not recognized. I look up the device on Windows, and it's an
"Unknown device". Itunes doesn't recognize it.
Nevermind. I un-installed iTunes, which was causing the device recognition problems. Re-installed, and I'm currently restoring the iPad.
Weird. But it worked.
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Glad you share with us .
I know I had a similar problem when upgrading to 4.2.1
Only when I moved my iPAD to another Computer with another iTune, It started to be recognized, and finished the JOB.
You seemed to have a similar problem, that was solved with a new iTune installation on the same computer.

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