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  • Dear BRENNB,
    Is there any way to install iBooks App in my computer to ipad ? Just like as you told me to update ipad by pressing shift key and click update to locate the update file.
    Sure, my area is not supported by itunes store. For that I have no chance to create
    itunes account & moreover I have even no payment account too.
    Than Lwin.
    Hi, BRENNB,
    Another poroblem. I cann't read pdf files on my ipad.(I live in Burma, Where no itunes stores supported, with very slow & restricted internet connection, and connection
    very often stopped. )
    I downloaded " Calibre " apps and converted pdf files to epub files, then tranfer those epub files to ipad.But no display on ipad. After that I download ibook apps (16460 Kb)
    By flashget downloader . I try many ways to install that software to ipad . I don't
    know how to put ibook software on my desktop to ipad library or Apps pane of ipad.
    I had posted about this problem one week ogo, but no replies to this day.
    Can you please help me? Please don't mind if it is not a proper way to claim my
    problem by diturbing you .
    Than Lwin.
    On the forum hheeeeeeelllppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!, you said to do a regular reset instead. What you described is a hard reset, the only difference is that I said to kick it into recovery mode.
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