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  • I have two iPad Air 2 and two iPhone 6 that is using the same yahoo mail account. All of them are getting a message enter password to yahoo account ..... I do and it works for a while then it asks again. Need help
    So that link got me half way there! I down loaded No Lock. I have by passed the locked screen and straight to my home page. This is good this is good!

    But the phone still goes to sleep and I still have to press the power button all the time. I want it to STAY on my home screen and not go to sleep at all. There are options, and I do have it set at 10 min intervals, but I want it permanent.
    i was on my phone when I typed that. I wonder if this is the link I checked out earlier. I will let you know!
    Just found this, but it's an outside link....hope it helps your screen lock problem

    how do i disable lock screen on samsung galaxy - Google Search
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