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iTunes not recognizing Ipad


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Jun 13, 2011
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Yesterday, I went to plug my ipad into my macbook to sync and update things. However, iTunes would not recognize the ipad. I tried my iphone and itunes found that device. I tried 3 different cables (all Apple cables). I restarted the ipad, the computer, and even uninstalled and reinstalled itunes. And nothing. The ipad will not even charge. I have an appointment today with Apple and hopefully they can resolve it. I read somewhere that others were experiencing similar issues and Apple simply replaced the problem ipad because of a hardware issue. Any thoughts/suggestions?

Here's a question likely to get chuckles...what are the chances I will luck out and receive an ipad 2 as a replacement?
Good luck. And yes, as long as it is still under warrenty and the problem is not correctable then and there, you'll probaly get a replacement.

As for your question... slim to none. There are too many iPad 1s still in the system for you to get that lucky. :)

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