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IOS 7x and jailbreak


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Dec 28, 2013
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Gulf Coast MS
I really need to vent a little, I have held off for month's to upgrade my phone and ipad. However as you know if you don't succomb you are soon left behind without an option of catching up. I feel I made a mistake and should have stayed behind. I certainly have the utmost respect for the Evaders team and the work they do and think they do an incedible job. The same goes for Jay Freeman and Cydia. This time though someone put the cart before the horse. If any of you are thinking you can now upgrade and jailbreak, don't! You will be very disappointed. Very few of the tweaks and apps that you have previously paid for will work as they have not been updated. I personally have spent a couple hundred dollars on them myself and would do so again. Even the mainstay Winterboard does not work and Jay has stated that he may not do an updated version. My phone an ipad now look like childrens toys with the large goofy stck icons and backgrounds. I had a different background on each of my pages which I changed periodically along with the icons. I also liked trying the many themes that people came up with.
Now I know there are a couple of other ways to change the icons and stuff but I liked many of the tweaks which made it quiker and easier, such as moving and placing icons where you want and being able to have more than 4 across. The infinidock was great. etc. etc.
I can't find any themes or tweaks and apps for the new jailbreak and I have searched. If they are that hard to find than there can't be many. If anyone knows of a site or sites that I might be missing please let me know. But like I said if you are considering an upgrade think again. No reason to rush just because they rushed with the jailbreak when there was nothing to support it.
I wonder if I can get a refund for all the cash I gave to Cydia? Oh well live and learn, Android perhaps?


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Feb 22, 2012
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New York
Compatibility runs in all software components. If you can't wait for a release, you may as well move over to Android and self-mod. Or, you can develop on your own just like you'd have to on Android. With no leeway on the release because of the risk of a 3rd party selling the stolen source, you have to expect that there will be issues. The same scenario occurred for iOS 6. Users were having issues jailbreaking, users were having issues installing tweaks and users had next to zero compatibility on release.

When you purchase your tweaks, you should note that refunds are only available when the tweak is recalled, the tweak does not deliver what it states, or within 7 days of the purchase. Considering how your tweaks are working as stated and they're not pulled from the market, you cannot request a refund for any of them

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Aug 30, 2010
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Western NY state (USA)
I am of the opinion that this jail break was rushed and was released well before it was done. That is, done in the aspect that developers, including saurik, had a chance to update most of the tweaks and such prior to the jail break was released to the public. If it had been done that way, it would have been as smooth a process as previous jail breaks were. Well, except for the fact that every person would be trying to download their tweaks at the same time; thus clogging up Cydia. :)

But it wasn't. Even saurik was surprised and so Cydia wasn't ready. Neither was Mobile Substrate (core coding necessary to help a lot of tweaks work). Saurik has gotten Cydia updated to iOS 7, though right now, you still can't buy new stuff - that's ready. IMHO, that's a good thing, cause I'd rather have the payment system work.

All of this put together means this was the most disorganized jail break I've ever seen.

But. The jail break tool, evasi0n7 works. You can jail break your iDevice.

My suggestion is - have patience. The developers have to catch up to the jail break. Obviously, iOS 7 is vastly different from iOS 6 (and that's not even counting in the complications from the new 64-chip devices!). The developers need time to get things sorted and updated. Of course, no one knows how long it'll be...

So, here's my advice/$.02 (USD): put the Cydia icon away in a folder and ignore it. Give saurik and the other developers time to do the stuff they wished they could have done before the release of the jail break tool. Watch this thread (link: http://www.ipadforums.net/ipad-hacking/114230-ios7-jailbreak-status-thread-official.html) for news and updates. IOW- hang in there and have patience. In a couple of months (tho I hope not that long), we'll all look back on this time and laugh because our jailbreaks will work just fine and we have our iDevices working as we wish.

Again, the jail break is fine and the tools are there. We just need to give time to the workers and have patience. Hang in there - it'll get better! :)


P.S. And saurik himself has tweeted this: "as I expected, I got core functions working on iOS 7 ... (Not pushed yet!)." So, along with a comment he made in an idownloadblog article ("...the idea that WinterBoard could support iOS 7 is much more likely") - I think WinterBoard is not dead yet. :)


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Dec 25, 2012
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Personally I'm glad they got the jailbreak released before Apple had a chance to patch whatever weakness was exploited. My device is now updated and jailbroken; I personally don't like iOS7 but I know that the wonderful jailbreak community will eventually give me the tools that I need to make iOS7 worth using.

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