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iOS 8.x Jailbreak Status

But, now that doesn't matter. I was opening this thread to post that TaiG has released an updated version of their tool - and it jailbreaks iOS 8.1.2.

So, I recommend you go ahead and upgrade to iOS 8.1.2 and jailbreak that.

Just used the new version on an iPhone 6 upgraded to 8.1.2 and it worked flawlessly. Two thumbs up.
Forgot to ask a question -- since the TaiG jailbreak installs the TaiG AFC2 tweak as part of the jailbreak, I assume that means I don't have to/should not install the regular AFC2 tweak as well?
Correct; you do not have to install the AFC2 tweak.

I've heard that others have uninstalled the TaiG version to not have AFC2 or to install the one created by saurik. I've not tried to mess with AFC2...

Still, the one that comes with TaiG is fine, as far as I know.

I didn't see this app listed on the list on the first page, but iKeywi 3 is out and works with iOS 8.1.2 for the onboard keyboard. I so love this app. The iKeywi app in the iTunes/Apple Store does NOT work for my iPad Air or my iPad 6+. This one does!
I love the iKeywi tweak keyboard but according to Cydia it is NOT compatible with the iPad And won't allow an install on my pad.
Hey, b00bie, do a search -- I did NOT say iKeywi tweak. I said iKeywi 3 -- NOT iKeywi or iKeywi 2 or iKeywi HD for iPad. I said iKeywi 3. However, I put it on my iPhone 6+ and iPad Air 2. I just now had a thought and tried to put it on my iPad Air, and it would not install there, giving me the message you got. I haven't tried it on my iPhone 5...maybe get the same message there. So you are right -- and so am I.
My apologies b00bie, I didn't put iKeywi 3 on the iPad...I had installed iKeywi HD, and it works with 8.1.2. Mea culpa.
No apology necessary, it's all good fun around here. Looking forward to an update for my device (probably iKeywi HD for iPad) can't wait
iOS 8.1.3 has been released (7.0.3 for AppleTV). This update patches the TaiG and PP exploits for the iOS 8.0 - 8.1.2 jailbreak. Users should install OpenSSH and Apple Conduit File 2 if they haven't already to troubleshoot issues on currently jailbroken devices so not to be forced to the latest unjailbreakable firmware.
Updated the first post to say that Apple has closed the signing window for iOS 8.1.2.

The only firmware that can now be installed (on a device that supports iOS 8.x) is iOS 8.1.3.

Just be careful with those jailbreaks, people. iOS 8.1.3 does not have a jailbreak tool at this time.

Good morning
TaiG has released a JB for 8.1-8.3 but since no one bothered to tell Saurik, Cydia Substrate is not yet working. So it may be a short while before this will be ready for the rest of us. There is a lot of speculation whether this will work with 8.4 (which is due any day now). Those of you with a watch should be happy and we'll see about Apple Music shorty.
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If you're on 8.1.2 already is there any reason to update to the 8.3 jailbreak? I read that you can no longer browse the folders in the device via ifunbox so that would remove the ability to put games in it for emulators among other reasons.
Since I am just a rumor monger and not much of an expert, I imagine one of the main reasons to update would be to allow access to the Apple watch (and I believe there were a few security updates). I do not use any emulators nor have I tried ifunbox so you will have to wait for someone who is more familiar with those things to jump in.
Currently, Cydia substrate and MS tweaks are not yet running. It might be better holding off on attempting to jailbreak until a fully functional jailbreak is ready.

A lot of people are having problems getting the jailbreak to download, let alone work.
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