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  • Hey f4780y,
    I have and iPad 2 (GSM) which I jailbroke, about 2 months ago. But recently my chrome downloader wouldn't work so I installed the one for 64-bit, then I turn off the display (Not the whole iPad). When I tried turning it on I got this terminal like stuff, that wrote the name of the processor and then wrote (a few lines after) "looking for SDI0 (0 found)".
    I tried your failsafe method from 2010, I tried the redsn0w tool you wrote about and i definietly got it into DFU mode. But when I restored i in iTunes (with my iPad i DFU mode) my iPad would try to turn on when iTunes says "Preparing iPad for Restore". Can you please help me?

    I recently jailbroke my ipad but when the jailbreak installation finished the apple icon was on the screen and it has been there for 2 days now, the ipad won't respond or do anything, i tried to connect it to my laptop so i can restore it to factory settings but the laptop doesn't detect anything connected to it (the cable works fine) could you please help
    hi there, i have blocked my jb ipad after an iOS update; can you please help me restore it without losing my personal data (yes, no backup at all) thank you
    hello, sorry 2 bother u but you clearly are someone who knows stuff so maybe you can advise as im missing something lol
    Can a jailbroken ipad2 5.1 upgrade to a 6 and still be jailbroken and if not what are all these guides i keep seeing for seemingly that?
    or can apps be forced to work with 5.1 (as many no longer will).
    And taking that many of the games which require io6+ are ipa files being played how is that happening if its not possible?
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