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iOS 4.2 beta version issues - Read before posting about locked iOS 4.2 restore


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Mar 18, 2010
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Miami, FL
Hello everybody. I just wanted to give you all a fair warning about the new iOS 4.2 beta. While the new iOS has many new, great features, it also has some VERY negative flaws (And yes, I know, it's only the beta so there should be flaws, but some are REALLY BAD). But what my main point is, is for you to stay on iOS 3.2.2 (Or whatever firmware you may have) until the full, retail release of iOS 4.2. Why? Well me and my friend (Who also has an iPad) noticed something very drastic when installing 4.2. Besides all those fancy new features such as multitasking, ringer mute, and wireless printing. You also get to face the fact that half of your favorite iPad apps will NO LONGER WORK as they're not compatible with the iOS 4.2 beta. Apps such as ABC Player, all of the Battlebears games, and a few other apps that I had no longer would work. HTML5 video in ANY web browser will also no longer work. Only YouTube seemed to be working for me and my friend. Lastly, after updating your iPad to this beta firmware, you CAN'T downgrade it. Well... You can downgrade it, but not without facing major problems. When you downgrade, everything will be fine until the process is finished. here's the bad part. When you try and open the App Store, it will crash as the downgrade from the 4.2 Beta to 3.2.2 some how corrupts the App Store. You also wont be able to sync any of your apps onto your iPad from iTunes. So my suggestion to you is NOT to upgrade to the new beta iOS. Unless you're a serious developer, I'd stay with 3.2.2 until the retail release of iOS 4.2 in November. Otherwise, you'll be stuck at 4.2 beta with a ton of apps that wont work and there will be no going back until a new update is released. Hope this helps some of you. PLEASE post some comments about what's working and not working for you with the iOS 4.2 Beta. I'm very curious to know if it was just a coincidence that me and my friend all faced the same problems, or if some problems are only happening to us for some odd reason. Thanks

GM works great, there are still some apps that keep crashing, but by release date most of the popular apps will probably have updates by then.

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