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  • Yo sweden I finally downgraded my iPad the problem was that I didn't edit the host file properly so it didn't work after that it went kinda smooth I had to restore on my sisters Mac because the home Mac computer would restore it properly butt the end it always stalled at the finally step with a fraction of the downloading bar left to go I wonder why that happened? If you know message me or post in my wall.
    I have a question when apple releases the new 4.2 software and I update then use the new JB which will be out also will it still have the multitasking and folder capablities from the 4.2?
    Do you know how to change the iPad freak under my username? just curious i don't like what it says.
    Hey is that really you or are you just bullshiting:D:D:D:D:D:D Because to me i think i have seen this picture from a movie somewhere like scarface or some gangster movie like that message me:D
    Yo iPad-Sweden have you ever bought anything for this forum i'm looking at this sweet bluetooth wireless headset and i'm thinking of buying it but im having doubts what do you think should i trust this forum for purchesing this product? Let me know
    The problem I think is the port 80 on my Mac when I run tinyumbrella the TSSR sever is not running because of this and I did some research and found that port 80 is where my macs firewall is so if I did turn of the firewall of my Mac would be acceptable to viruses so what do I do is their any other program that can do what umbrella dose with out the TSSR sever?
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