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Can't wait to get my hands on it!


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Feb 1, 2010
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Texas Hill Country
I'm a retiree living on the family ranch in the Texas Hill Country. I've been working with computers since the '80's, but now use mine to keep in touch with friends & family and music and news. Been with Apple for about 3 years now, and have really wanted something to take out and about. I have an older iTouch that I really enjoy, but want something like a small laptop. The iPad seems perfect, both in size and with what it can do. The price is just the icing on the cake! Looks like I'll be getting what I want sooner rather than later because of that. :p
Howdy Neighbor! I live just north of Austin in Cedar Park. I just moved out to Texas about 6 months ago and so far really enjoy the area.

I'm real excited for the release of this device as well! The more I think about it, the more I think it's going to be a monster success for Apple.

I'm not sure if I'll pre-order one or hang out with all the other local apple junkies in line to pick one up the first day.
Welcome to Texas, iDan. Sounds like you arrived just in time to join the rest of us in the Hottest Summer in recent memory! Usually we get a break till August, but last year it started in earnest in May, sneaking into the high 90's. I think the SA weatherman said we had over 50 days over the summer months (that run into September) in excess of 100! :eek: That's got to be tough on a new comer. But, hey, NOW you are exactly where all your friends and family that live in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, N & S Dakota, New York and most places north of Dallas want to be. Needless to say, during the summer, I spend lots of time in the middle of the day inside, on my computer. Austin is a Cultural mecca in Texas. Always something going on especially with music, sports, the arts, and of course, education. How did an Apple guy end up in the heart of Dell country? Please tell me that Apple is doing R & D down here, and maybe give Dell a run for their territory.

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