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Anybody getting iPad Temperature Warning yet?


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Jan 17, 2010
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Saw a complaint about it here: ellkro | TweetPhoto

Just wondering if anyone has seen it on theirs yet?

No, and mine has been on most of the day. :)
I have been using mine almost non-stop since it arrived. At no point did it feel any warmer than it was when I first turned it on. I have to believe those that are getting the temp warning have defective units.
It just seems strange that although the picture speaks for itself, Im wondering if it is legit from the iPad and not pulled from the SDK or manipulated in some other way.

At least he could have said in the comments why or how he got it to that point. Apple warns against people letting these lay about in a hot car in summer, as no electronics should do, but just to be safe, place all iPads in protective sleeves that completely cover their surface and at least away from direct sunlight. Personally its common sense to me.

I also find it hard to believe this came from just normal use, many people have been using them all day with doing various things on them and this is the only screenshot I see with this warning, or its a DOA unit from Apple which should be under warranty.
True, it could be manipulated, no idea if it's legitimate or not.
If it is in fact legit, there are gonna be defective models that shipped. Or perhaps the user was using it under less than optimal circumstances.

Let's just hope that out of the hundreds of thousands shipped, none of yours have any problems.

Here in Japan, the wifi version isn't even available for pre-order. The website just sets around the end of April. No word on carriers for 3g either.
All day . . . .

Used all day yesterday, temp never changed a bit. Case as cool as can be. And still can't run the battery all the way down. At 40%. :) I'd actually like it to drain so I can connect it to charge first time and load some tunes from computer.
Could have been sitting on a hot UPS truck and was still a little warm. I've left my iPhone in the car and it got hot and showed that message once. Once it cooled down, never saw it again.
Yes, mine just received the temperature screen today. The unit was very warm and I have shut it down only after about an hour of use. Mine is a 64GB model. Anyone know what might be causing this error?
Yep I got mine to go off. First day stress test it by taking it to the pool to play some pandora off it. 80 sunny outside. Let it sit there playing tunes and 15 min later got it. Let it cool down for 10 min and it turn back on. After that left my shirt over it and played for 4 hour straight after that with no problem. Just keep it in shade like iPhone.

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