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Wifi vs 3G wifi speed/reception


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Apr 2, 2010
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Has anyone with both wifi and 3G/wifi iPads done a wifi speed and reception comparison? I'm curious. I already have a 64G wifi that I've been using since the original launch and I also pre-ordered a 32G 3G that I'm unsure if I'll be keeping (yes, it's actually still in the box). Knowing me I'll probably end up taking the 32G 3G to the Apple Store and exchange it for a 64G 3G anyway. Thought this would generate some interesting dialogue though. :D
I haven't done any speed tests yet, so I can only give you my feel for it. And, of course, each WiFi set up may run at a different speed.

At home, my WiFi seems to be about triple the rate of the 3g reception I get. There is a noticeable wait for data on 3g, but WiFi feels almost instantaneous.

That said, I love the 3g connectivity as, in spite of the reputation ATT has, there is a sense of always being connected to the world. I am very happy I waited the month and got an iPad with both.
I think one of the web magazines did a comparison and found the 3G to be better.

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