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  • Hi, MikeToolz- need help.
    I am a new member and just a beginner to ipad 64Gb,wifi,iOS3.2.2,itunes10.0.1.22. My problem is as follows.
    1.My area (Burma ) is not supported by itunes store or app store.
    I have no chance to create itunes account, & I have no credit payment account.
    2.How can I install iBooks in my ipad to read pdf files?
    3.I have downloaded iBooks App (16Mb.) by searching Google.
    4.Will itunes accept iBooks App not from itunes App store ?
    5.I try to install it in ipad many times, but unsuccessful. How to do ?
    6.How can I perform it without itunes account ?

    Than Lwin.
    If you have some extra time, it would be great if some of you could download my free iphone/ipad apps and give them a rating or review.

    Dowload my Apps:
    1001 posts. Congratulations MikesTooLz!
    You're the most helpful person on board...
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