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finally got my ipad -- yeah! :)


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Jun 28, 2010
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hey folks, i'm a new member here after a few days of lurking around reading what i could about the ipad. after a few days of research, i went ahead and decided to get me one of these things for business and casual browsing as well.

i have to say; it's difficult to find of these! every apple store in my area is sold out. i actually ordered one online last night from the apple store, but it wasnt scheduled to arrive until july 20. luckily i called best buy this morning and the store nearest my house had two ipads left in stock! i went right away because i knew just how fast these bad boys sell, and got my hands on the last one.

ended up buying a 32gb 3g ipad (i originally wanted just a 16gb wifi only) because that's the only one they have in stock, but i figured that since i was gonna be using this for business anyway i might as well invest the extra hundred bucks in case i find myself needing an internet connection when wifi is spotty.

anyway i've been playing around with this this bad boy the entire day and i am absolutely in love with it. just thought i'd post here now that i'm officially an ipad owner, yeah!

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