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Valentines Day.


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Jan 23, 2010
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What are your plans? Your gift for your lover/Girlfriends? Explain what your going to do here. Ill go first:

My girlfriend and I are planning to sneak away to newYork. Ill get grounded for like 3 months but to spend some alone time with my girl its worth it. Im not rich or anything so the gift wont be anything sparkly(if you know what i mean).
Ah no real plans, valentines day is a fluke lol. Maybe see if the little lady wants to go out to eat.
Depends on what my girl wants, eat, watch movie, make love and love and love..
Not sure, nothing fancy probably just dinner at one of our favorite places.. My wife thinks its more of a commercial holiday so I don't have any expectations :)
The wife and I will be at Sand Hollow Utah camping and riding the ATV's. She will be reading her Kindle and I will be wishing I had my iPad
Nice, what kinda ATV do you have Don?

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