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Problem with my iPad Microphone


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Jan 12, 2024
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I have an iPad Pro 11" (2018 model) and recently I have been having microphone issues.
It doesn't work properly on FaceTime - people have told me they can barely hear me. So I made a test recording with the voice memos app. Sure enough my voice sounds muffled and a hiss. Tested with Facebook Messenger, my friend says I sound like I'm in a tunnel.
Now here's the thing: I tested it with the camera app. I recorded a video of myself (using both front and back cameras) and my voice comes out crystal clear. How is that possible? It means that this isn't a hardware issue if it works fine with the camera app.
It also works fine with headphones mic.
I've done every controlled test imaginable - same apps using my other iPad and iPhone, same distance from the mic, all from the same room.
I would have assumed it was hardware related were it not for the fact that it works with the camera.
Me new iPad 12.9" is basically an exact replica of this. I set it up as a carbon copy of the old one. Settings identical.

I have done a hard reset of the iPad as well. I am very reluctant to reset all my settings given what a pain that is.

No idea if the problem started with an iOS update. But again, my other devices are fine.

Any ideas?

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