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Sep 7, 2013
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Manila Philippines
So i decided to make an account here, for ipad users to help me out with my frustrating ipad microphone problem.

iPad's i think out of warranty, using ipad 2 with wifi and 3G 32Gb
And i think my pad's starting to deteriorate eh? Recording videos ( which requires audio of course ) is working fine 2 days ago, when i decided to record a singing voice of mine (lol!) using the video feature on instagram just now. It was silent, muted, no single sound at all. I panic myself.

Then tried iPad's video camera, And Skype voice testing then boom, still no sounds. Tried googling and youtebing for answers - found out about vacuum cleaning, blowing or sucking up the tiny button up there near the rear camera, hoping it'll work, but no luck.

Question, what's the proper way of cleaning it? Im hoping im not doing it right, coz i cant really afford to have this fixed/ repaired as im saving up for the iPhone 5s coming this month. Plus it's so expensive I'd rather upgrade it to a latest one. But still that'll cost me big time. Help!!

Ps: i rebooted, restarted, reset settings etc. basic troubleshooting done.
Hi and welcome to the Forum!

I have moved your thread to our Help Forum so as to have more members see it and hopefully help you with this issue.. Please confine all other info on this issue to this thread as we do like all info to stay in the one thread in regards to any issue you are having, for this reason the 2 other threads on this same problem have now been deleted.

Good luck with your issue.

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