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  1. G

    Listening to a movie with the display turned off

    Okay, here is something that I discovered by accident. Maybe everyone else already knows about it, but here goes: There have been occasions where I just want to listen to a movie without watching it. But you can't seem to do it without leaving the display turned on and running down your battery...
  2. M

    Apple to Launch Over-Ear Headphones This Year After Success of AirPods

    AppleInsider reports today that well-sourced KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said in a note to investors that due to the huge success of AirPods, Apple is planning to launch its own brand of over-the-ear headphones sometime this year. While Kuo did not give a specific date for the...
  3. ArkMC

    MyAudioStream is a music streaming application and UPnP audio player for iPad

    MyAudioStream | Arkuda UPnP Applications Website It's time to delve into a world of music with MyAudioStream. It's Arkuda's premium media network solution! iTunes: HD Pro MAS HD Lite MAS...
  4. Spanglenator

    Recording through the headphone jack of an iPad 4

    Is it possible to do this? And if so, with what apps and how? Anyways, here was the reason: I made a bunch of custom ringtones on my Android device and I didn't want to bluetooth it over, transfer it over, and etc (I guess you could call this an experiment as well). Well I got to thinking...