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Microphone problem


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Dec 28, 2011
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The microphone on my ipad2 barely works. When I Skype or FaceTime people can't hear me. I tried a video and the sound was very low and muffled. Is there a setting somewhere for the mic?
Hmm.... Sounds defective to me. Did you get any kind of insurance or warranty on the ipad?

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I had the same problem, sometimes all you could hear was static. The ipad was changed over within minutes at the Apple Store
My Ipad records beautiful video but the sound recording of the subjects cant be heard where as everything I say holding the ipad can be heard very well. This is too bad as I just took lots of last advice videos of my dying brother and you can't hear anything but my answers.

Is there something I'm doing wrong?
Microphone problem in I Pad2

I am having the same problem - microphone doesn't work at all. I have reloaded Skype. Reset everything but still it is not working. When the iPad 2 was purchased it was working. Can anyone help?
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