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Frozen, stacked pages on e-mail screen


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Apr 4, 2012
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Help, please. iPad 2, everything working normally. Then I send four photos, as separate e-mails, to the US. Now have blank, frozen composition screen. I can write on page and it will send but page will not cancel. So, I can't get back to page underneath, to read incoming mail. Any help greatly appreciated.. Cheers, Aardvark
Do you have other programs running? I had to reset my iPad once and I eliminated as many apps, especially ad heavy apps. This diminished my freezes. I would often lose my cursor and not be able to click in a line.
Many thanks Yellow horse. When my query came up on the forum, I read the other posts that were highlighted ( interesting that they were ones that did not come up when I did my initial search for help!) Having read all of them, I did a re-boot. This solved most of the problem so I did it again and everything returned to normal. So, I've learned yet another iPad skill! Cheers, Aardvark

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