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  • Very disappointed at the message Due to the recent site upgrade, the iPadForums (iPF) App will no longer work. The new website has been designed from the ground up to work perfectly from any mobile, tablet, or desktop computer using the built in internet browser. Create a shortcut to on your home screen by following these steps: Create an icon for
    It is already posted in the photos/images thread. Didn't know there was a YouTube thread! Where is it? I guess I just put YouTube Ito search, right? Duh! Good thing I figured out the answer before I finished and ent the message! :) :)
    I don't race but my friend DI and her Oz mate have been in the Carrib for about 8 yrs and participate in the ARC and other races all the time! If I ever get the diary of my trip on to my iPad I will send a link to it. Parts were relaxing and others were death defying! Squib.
    Now that is very very beautiful !! Is the water cleaned up now or is ( are ) the lake( s) still polluted! Not trying to rain on your parade, watched a doc. On lake Eerie a yr or so ago and it looked scary, but don't know how old the doc. Was either. Thanks for sharing. I will get some photos up on the inland passage,Gulf Islamds and San Juan's. you will love them, too.
    HI Squib--your trips sound just breath taking and relaxing. Was this purely a sailing trip or was this on sailing race? If you ever head to Michigan...check out our Port Huron to Mackinac Races here: Home - Bayview Yacht Club! Thanks for sharing your experience here! Cheers :)
    Hi guys, when I sailed it was around the gulf islands, then south to San Juan islands, a different trip was to costa .rica, Panama Canal and then through out the Carrib. When I went up thru the inland passage I was on a fishing boat. Very small 34' ,quill netting - and oh wow, that tops everything in my heart and mind, so so beautiful, tranquil,, nothing in the world like the inland passage. Oh, I took one trip on the outside of Van Island , that was pretty wild. To me the inside passage is about as close as you get to perfection! Thanks for asking!
    Thank you for your nice reply.

    I just looked at your bio. I really like your positive viewpoint on your life. You sound like a really nice person.
    I am pleased to meet you.
    Thank you, Iriana for the very nice Visitor Message! Greetings from Michigan--Have never been to your State of Alaska, but am looking forward to see your posts and sharing pics in the "What you see in your Backyard" thread!

    So glad that you joined us! :)
    Greetings from Alaska. I just looked at your first post on your thread about what you see in your backyard.
    The deer in your yard are so beautiful and the pictures are so uplifting, I just wanted to let you know how
    wonderful was to see them. Thank you for posting them.
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