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Find My Friends & Podcasts apps Updates?


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Mar 25, 2012
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NW England
I update my iPad 3rd Generation iOS and apps every couple of days and also update Apps via iTunes on my El Capitan iMac.

For a couple of weeks or so, in the iTunes App Updates tab there appear two apps: Find My Friends and Podcasts. When I try to download these I get the message: Podcasts/Find My Friends is only available on iOS To get Podcasts/Find My Friends, search for it on the App Store on your iOs device. (There are two messages, one for each app).

I appear to have Podcasts app on my iPad and an app called Find Friends (with no My in the middle) and yet when I update apps on the iPad they do not appear as available downloads.

How can I either update them on the iPad or delete them from the available downloads in iTunes and why do they appear on the iMac and not the iPad?

iMac: MacOSX.10.11.5 (15F34), iTunes v12.4.1.6
iPad: iOS.9.3.2 (13F69)

Thanks in advance.

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